The Foundations Program Quest Log

Welcome to the Foundations Program Questlog. These are tasks you can undertake to learn more about Web 3, DAOhaus, and get started feedback farming. Everyone needs to run through them, although the first few levels can be cleared quickly.

Getting Started Farming:

First thing is you jump into Discord and say hi in the " :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:-foundations-intro" channel.


  1. Create a Discord account.
  2. Join the DAOhaus Discord server.
  3. Enter the Foundations “:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:-foundations-intro” channel and express interest.
  4. A @ranger will get back to you to assign your roles.


  • Level up to :tractor: Foundations 1
  • Unlock “:money_mouth_face:-free-xdai” , “:rotating_light:-notifications”, and “:tractor:-harvest” channels.

How to start earning :tractor:s!
Any time you complete a quest or a quest item, post a link in the “:tractor:-harvest” channel to let us know. The @farmers will verify and get you those :tractor:s!

You can also earn :tractor:s by posting feedback or ideas–on the alpha product or this process–in the relevant channels (once unlocked).

:tractor: Foundations 1


  1. Set up a Web 3 wallet. We like Metamask.
  2. Set up a custom RPC in your wallet for xDAI. Click for instructions.
  3. Get a tiny bit of xDAI in the “:money_mouth_face:-free-xdai” channel on the DAOhaus Discord. (You’ll need it to cover your proposal transaction.)
  4. Create a membership proposal to join Foundations DAO. Request 1 share (no tribute).
  5. Post a link to your proposal in the “:wave: join” channel.

Remember: if you need a hand the @rangers and other @farmers are always up to help you through this part if you need a hand.


  • Level up to :tractor: Foundations 2.
  • Unlock “:studio_microphone:-feedback” and “:scroll:-side quests” channels.

:tractor: Foundations 2

(The DAO will need to vote on your membership proposal, which will take a couple of days to clear. In the meantime, here’s some other stuff to do to starting earning :tractor:.)

Report completed quests in the “:tractor:harvest” channel on Discord.


  1. Introduce yourself in our forum intros thread. Include a link to your DAO membership proposal.
  2. You’ve played with DAOhaus a bit now. Take a look at and leave some feedback in the “:studio_microphone:-feedback” channel.
  3. Watch this. Listen for the codeword. DM one of the @rangers in Discord

Once your membership proposal passes, go to the “:wave:join” channel and type “!join” and follow the prompts to level up.

Remember: you’ll only get those :tractor:s for your quests if you report on your experience and leave feedback in one of the discord channels!


  • Level up to “:tractor: Seedsower”.
  • Unlock “:open_umbrella:-drops” and “:bulb:-ideas” channels.
  • Any :tractor: earned doing quests.

:tractor: Seedsower


Use all available channels to engage and earn :tractor:.

Every week we will tally :tractor: earned and award Foundation DAO shares, as well as other token drops.

When you have earned 5 DAO shares, use the “!join” command again. Follow the prompts to level up to Farmer.

:tractor: Farmer


Keep farming!
Farmers are able to award :tractor: to others. Go help the DAO grow!

Side Quests:

Of course there are side quests! Check out the “:scroll:-side-quests” channel where we’ll be announcing fun Web 3 side quests to earn more :tractor:s and other cool stuff.