Introductions Thread

This will be the big ole intros thread. Say hello, and tell us a bit about why you’re here, why you think DAOs are cool, and why you want to be involved.


Hey everyone!
My name is Vitaliy Gataulin. I’m a Co-Founder of Mithraeum. I’m in charge of Product and Community building. I’ve worked in the crypto space for 4 years. My first impression of blockchain was full of concerns because people have never created anything like this before. And yet I was curious, thinking that maybe it’s gonna work. So I started digging deeper, learning and analyzing different protocols and products. A few months later my curiosity became my hobby, and eventually, I started working in crypto full-time.

My professional experience is mostly from startups on product and analyst positions. I also participated in building several communities, because as you know, good projects in web3 are always about the community. Over these years I realized that blockchain is far more than a new approach to finance. It’s a technology that influences a lot of industries.

I like to call our industry a web3 and this term means a lot of things: finance, ownership, decentralized web and software, and of course decentralized collaboration. The last one is the thing I’m the most passionate about. Everything that people have achieved is due to collaboration. I think that finding new ways of cooperation and experimenting with them as fast as possible is a worthy goal. Because I do believe the better our collaboration is, the greater achievements we will accomplish.


Howdy! I’m 0xJoshua and I’m happy to be here feedback farming.

I love DAOs. I first got into Ethereum back in 2017 and have been working full-time doing Business Development work in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2019. I’m currently the Membership Steward for Opolis and co-founder of Pool-Party and am formerly of ConsenSys and Lyft.

I graduted from a coding bootcamp but never took a job as a dev, so I can read code, but can’t write it. My functions mostly are in operations, business development, and partnerships.

Here is the link to my membership proposal:


Hello! :upside_down_face:

I’m Lucas, a designer who likes wearing different hats. I’ve been doing design for quite some time, but am new to crypto and Ethereum. So I still don’t have a very nuanced view of how diverse DAOs can be and what they can solve for. I guess that’s why I’m here: to understand how they’re used and how they can be used.

I’m interested in finding ways of decreasing the barrier to entry into crypto, increasing accessibility and possible use cases for DAOs, and standardizing the use of blockchain technology to solve real world problems, without people necessarily realizing they’re using blockchain tech.


Hello! sjdthree here and excited about feedback farming. I’m a serial entrepreneur and got excited about “programmable money” in 2016 – when someone told me about smart contracts. Great to see how far we’ve come!
I also teach blockchain ventures to MBA students so there maybe another 15-20 potential beta testers.
I’m an engineer/MBA – which means I enjoy solving problems and financial development – so you can see how i’ve come into crypto and now especially feedback farming. I’m involved in a few other DAOs: and BadgerDAO. I have been fundraising for startups the old way for years (series A/B/C) and am very intrigued by a better way to fund early projects. I like the idea of the “fair launch” concept that @thekerp wrote about and look forward to helping move that to the next step.

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Hello DAOHaus family,

I’m Santiago. I’m a full stack dev & data science engineer. I’ve been involved in the Ethereum ecosystem since mid 2018 working in bounties/hackathons and collaborating in a couple projects. I’m a big fan of what the Daohaus team has been building. Such an awesome infrastructure for DAOS, Looking forward to get involved in the community, and and to also contribute to the code and/or try to buidl something on top. My interests goes around creating a mesh of Data DAOS for coordinating and distributing value within the data economy.

BTW, here’s my proposal for joining the FoundationsDAO

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Howdy! Some of you know me, some of you don’t. I’m Gunnar (alibyte), working on Array! I think the DAO model is an excellent way to bring closer relationships between companies and their users, and is a simple way to incentivize syndicalism. I’m trying to get more into the community-side of development, and want to make some like-minded friends! I already contribute with bug reports and stuff in Discord, and Dekan told me I’d get paid for it this way :slight_smile:

Thanks, all!

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Hi everyone!,

my name is joseph (joseph53) im looking forward to getting involved in the blockchain/crypto communities. Im just learning my way around and welcome anyone to share if they need help testing ui/ux design, welcoming people to the community, and any other non coding assistance. looking forward to getting to know you. thank you for your time and support.

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Process Proposal Submitted


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Hello folks! I’m Colin (cedric_waxwing). I’m a product designer and frontend developer. I’ve been slowly diving deeper and deeper into the cryptoverse over the last 4 years. I heard about DAOs a few years ago and thought it seemed like a cool concept, but didn’t spend much time looking into it. Only in the last few weeks did I start looking into them further, and I’m just completely fascinated by the opportunity and challenges ahead. I have some rough ideas that may help bridge more of the general public into the DAO ecosystem, but mostly, I am just looking to learn, build, support, and offer value where I can for the time being. Here’s my proposal link (it won’t let me include an actual link):

Hi everyone! I’m Taylor (tbpl). I came across the Foundations Program after subscribing to the Haus Party newsletter and community calls (thanks rangers!). I’m intrigued by the SourceCred setup and want to support this type of experimentation to solicit community feedback and participation. I was previously in the DC think tank world, so one of my more quirky ideas is to use a DAO to bootstrap a DATT (Decentralized Autonomous Think Tank :upside_down_face:) with friends and collaborators. I do some analytics consulting as well so also interested in the guild use case. I’ve been a casual observer of the web3 space for a few years but am wanting to play a more active part in building it. Looking forward to collaborating with you all and contributing!

Here’s the link to my proposal:

Hi. I come from Agaron :eagle:. Exploring new DAO frameworks.

Greetings, I am Fried. I am interested in DAO’s and what can be done with them, as a normal user, but hopefully also in future as a dev. In essence, I will try to stress test them.

My DAO is all about that, so heard over to the Demonic Summoning Cave and read our Covenant if you are interested in our general philosophy.

Hello everyone!

I’m Kevin, but have gone by many names over the years. A lot of people call me by my initials so I combined that with my love of travel to get KZ Flyer.

I have a life motto to always be learning, and this DAOs and decentralized finance are super exiting. I’ve been in finance for about 2 decades and I’ve seen first hand how the wealth gap has affected individuals. I would love to live in a world where there were no special services available to the few with money.

I’ve been active, in various capacities, in the crypto world since 2013, when I bought my first bitcoin on Coinbase. I wasn’t educated enough so when Hawaii drafted rules which forced any centralized crypto company out of Hawaii, I took a break. I was “forced” to liquidate all my crypto, since I didn’t understand enough to have my own wallet. Learned more and returned with a fire burning inside, determined to do what I can to prevent that from happening to others. More recently I’ve been involved with 1hive, PrimeDAO, Trips Community, TECommons, RareCoin (Rarify) in various capacities.

I even have started my own DAO on DAOhaus! Just for me to test things out. It’s name? KZ DAO of course!
I am basically testing out, learning what I can. This will eventually transition to something greater (thinking source of income for me and grants to various projects). Any suggestions on what else I should to to get it up and running is greatly appreciated.

Here’s a link to my proposal:

Hey, KZ! Sorry, I had not seen this introductory post. Awesome to see you exploring DAOHaus. I’d be glad to have you join FoundationsDAO. Even if it has been quiet on the on-chain side, I think the Discord community is an excellent place to get feedback and learn about the ecosystem. If you would submit a proposal for membership again, I’d gladly sponsor it.

Cheers, and glad to see you in the house :slight_smile: