RIP in retrospect -- DAO and share price migration planning/execution

We did it! We successfully migrated our DAO and $150,000 worth of WETH and DAI to the xDAI network!

A handful of people contributed to making this happen safely and effectively, and this proposal requests funding to pay them out for the time and effort they put in. Here’s what this RIP covers:

Note: this does not include migrating the Hire Us consultation fee form to xDAI. That should be handled under its own RIP.

Nor does this include reimbursement for gas spent on transactions. My recommendation is that that be handled by separate proposal(s) since it’s easiest to denominate that in WETH.

Funds are requested to the xDAI Migration Safe, from which they will be disbursed to the following raiders (exact split TBD):

  • @spencer
  • @scottrepreneur
  • @dekanbro
  • @Yalor
  • @dan13ram
  • If you contributed to this effort and are not listed here, please reply below so you can be properly recognized and paid for your contribution!

Funding ask: 1000 wxDAI

edit: removed @Saimano since his portion will be covered under his typical ops & maintenance share grant

update (2/21): Handbook updates completed


Draft split of RIP funds:

  • @spencer – 55%
    • Share price migration planning and shepherding
    • DAO migration planning and shepherding
    • DAO migration execution
    • Handbook updates
  • @scottrepreneur – 15%
    • DAO migration execution (and some planning help)
  • @dekan.eth – 15%
    • DAO migration execution (and some planning help)
  • @Yalor – 7%
    • DAO migration execution (creating migration dao proposals)
  • @dan13ram – 8%
    • Escrow contract migration

Please suggest adjustments!

Reminder: gas price reimbursements can be requested from the DAO separately.

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