Membership for The Lunar Woodland Alliance

shaoi dan
My name is Turvok and I come to you as a delegate of Lunar Woodland Alliance.
For many years my family have wandered the planets within the federation as memebers of The Ralaaram Ocala. Often times we would raze the planets we have visited after extracting as much resources as possible. Our spritual guide, Moloch, assured us this was the only path to our survival, as outcasts from Romulan society.
Then everything began to change after visiting earth and meeting with its humans. They were able to demonstrate that with coordination amongst themselves, they were able to create a self sustaining regenerative world.
Since then, we have renamed our group of chaos agents and now protect the lands we once razed.

Unfortunately the makers of the earthly communications devices have not always followed the paths of the enlightened humans all the time and due to a technological glitch, I will not be able to provide a link to The LWAD or for the snapshot proposal until such time that I am able to access a much more robust communications device.

And finally, The LWAD intens to be a fully functioning member of the Federations governing body, we feel it is also important for the LWAD to maintain some of its own economic autonomy and as such have commissioned the minting of Woood tokens. Woood tokens will be available to anybody that joins LWAD. Use cases for LWAD are not totally established.
All relevant links to be provided in a few hours, after my vessel has landed.

The Lunar Woodland’s Alliance’s DAO is located here: DAOhaus

The LWAD has yeeted 300 Spice into the Federations DAO and would like to request a complete conversion into voting shares in the DAO

Apparently I keep forgetting my name. It is Torok