23: Guildkick Proposal - Unrecognized Alliance

23: Guildkick Proposal - Unrecognized Alliance

In order to be a shareholder within the federation, we must first ratify then process your alliance following the standard procedure.
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This proposal is to guild kick a member. Although it might be just, it too must go through the proper proposal flow of forum post > snapshot > ratification.

Also remember that guild kick is a forever ban for an address. Is this what we wan’t?

this seems to be one that should be shut down.

if there is a valid reason for the guild kick please start a discussion.

furthermore this may be grounds to GK the submitter.


It might be useful to refer to refer to the Uberhaus documentation.

These docs are still WIP and open for discussion and PRs.

RFP - Unidentified Shareholder s00

I offer a policy in light of the existing conditions and circumstances that remain unresolved due to the unintended preferential treatment given to un-marked or anonymous alliances within the Intergalactic Federation.

The implication of unvoiced characters among our ranks presents a threat to the integrity and to our long-term viability as a collection of inter-planetary species.

For a look at an introductory framework for introducing Policy into Canon for the Galactic Federation, navigate to the bottom of this post


In the unlikely event that DAOs or individuals are onboarded to the Galactic Federation through unconventional means i.e. without presenting a formal proposal for the Spice Station to review, it is without prejudice that the DAO immediately present materials to the Federation to be formally recognized as a member by the Federation.

Policy Overview
  • Unidentified Member - Policy s00 (security policy 00)

If a Shareholding Member within the Federation refuses without reason to provide supporting materials substantiating their claim to membership in the Federation when requested and within a reasonable time frame, then the Shareholding member assumes responsibility and is thereby notified that their membership can be revoked through a GuildKick proposal, returning their shares to the Federation in exchange for Loot in the Spice Station.

To prevent against incognito members exploiting vulnerabilities in the Federation, all loot and shareholders that take recognition to the unidentified member have the right to make a GuildKick proposal,

(if) - only one of the following is required:

  • (a) the member has not formally been onboarded through the process of converting their Loot ==> Shares in the Federation
  • (b) the member has not detailed their intention, motivation, and reason for joining the Federation in a forum post
  • (c) the member has not yeeted enough spice to be considered a full member of the federation

Stripping the unknown member of their shares will have the immediate effect of returning the shareholder to Loot holder status.

Dealing with Unidentified Shareholders

If we do not take action we risk having an unknown shareholding member go rogue, taking liberty to make proposals extracting funds for their own benefit. Without any clarity around what the objectives are of the unnamed DAO, we have no choice but to remove them as a shareholding member.

The Federation should serve as a protectorate of those who pledge allegiance to it, through the staking and vested interest and in solidarity with those offering their spice toward our security and flourishing, we are charged with taking action to secure our future from vulnerabilities and attacks by unidentified or unknown members.


The alliance is recognized by the Federation