Grant Proposal | Support a Jr Dev

Hi MGD! I’m Andy Boyan, an MGD Member and Founder of Infinity Keys ( IK is a gamified achievements platform with composable pieces from any web3 asset that helps projects & communities build engaging virtual challenges and quests. (we should do something w MGD btw).

The full time team consists of myself as Founder, (female) Technical Lead Tawnee Allport, Technical PM Chair, and a number of supporting advisors and part-time contributors. One of these part-time contributors is Kori Riddick, a Jr. React and Front-End Developer developing her skills and experience in a production-level environment including web3 components for about 6 months.

This grant proposal is to support Kori Riddick as a paid intern under Infinity Keys for the next 3-10 months. The main ask is $3,000-$10,000 for the following reason: for $1,000/mo, MGD can support Kori as she (exponentially) grows on front-end development and learning how to integrate web3 into front-end applications. This proposal would use all funds at $1,000 per month directly to Kori, and Infinity Keys would match that contribution 1:1.

The ideal outcome is to end the grant early either by hiring Kori full time as a Jr Dev (depending on Infinity Keys fundraising outcomes in 2023), or for Kori to use her skillset to earn a full-time position in another web3 Jr Dev role. This funding would enhance Kori’s ability to develop in under several highly capable mentors.

We believe this grant is within the scope of MGD grants, directly supports technical development for women in web3, and indirectly supports a female (partially) owned and built project.

Reach out with Q’s. I’m magic#4311 in the MGC Discord and andyboyan about everywhere else.

Hi andyboyan,

The members of Meta Gamma Delta DAO want to thank you for your recent grant application submission! The Grants Committee was excited about your submission and would like to officially support funding your project.

What does that mean? The committee is only a small representation of the wider DAO so we take the first pass at looking at applications and then recommend the best projects to the DAO. The DAO then must vote on each project and if that vote passes, then we can move on to the next steps of funding. Decentralization probz.

We will announce this recommendation on December 20th at the MGD Holiday Party at 8pm EST and then move forward with a DAO wide vote.

Amazing! Here is a link to Kori’s LinkedIn profile for additional information about her experience and career trajectory.

I have not told Kori about this proposal because I didn’t want to get hopes up, so if anyone knows Kori form other circles, please keep it on the DL until we know for sure how the DAO would like to proceed.

I will do my best to attend the MGD holiday party as well :santa: