Grant Prop: Support a Jr Dev Again!

Friends, sad to see MGD go, but believe it’s the best option at this time. Appreciate all the work the group has done for me personally as an ally. Thank you for being vocal and educational and supportive of women and welcoming allies in to be part of the community.

A few months ago this grant prop was approved to fund one of our Jr Devs working on Infinity Keys and in web3 more broadly. Kori used those funds, built incredible experience with coding Discord bots, front-end, and got exposure to backend and intro solidity as well.

We used $4000 to pay Kori $1k/mo plus another $1k/mo matching from Infinity Keys from February '23 to May '23. Kori continues to work on Infinity Keys code as well as expanding her skillset to RaidGuild tasks where she aims to grow and earn even more.

For the present proposal we would like to request a grant to fund Kori again. Any funds granted would go directly to pay Kori for $1k mo for as many months as possible. If a larger grant is available (above $10k) we would pay Kori $2k/mo from the grant funds.

In the previous proposal our goals were to hire Kori full time, and that remains the goal given Infinity Keys fundraising milestones.

We believe this grant is within the scope of MGD grants, directly supports technical development for women in web3, and indirectly supports a female (partially) owned and built project.

Reach out with Q’s. I’m magic#4311 in the MGC Discord and andyboyan about everywhere else.

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