Funding proposal – Product/Design Residency #2 | 3 months

This is a proposal to serve another 3 month Product/Design residency (May, June, July) with Diamond DAO.

Contributions to Diamond from last residency:

  • Design, build, and launch of the Diamond and Chainverse websites
  • Primarily working with product and eng contributors to design Chainverse’s MVP which we developed and tested with a closed Beta group of curators
  • Supporting that Beta group through testing and synthesizing feedback

Some expected contributions during this next residency

  • After a May 2022 collocation/summit, we have a much more clear roadmap and direction for the next launch of Chainverse. This will require rethinking the application architecture, workflows, and design.

I am requesting 4500 xDAI + 30 shares per month from the community DAO, for an average of 15 hours per week. This is the same structure as my previous residency.

You can find the first 3 month residency proposal here: Funding proposal – Product/Design Residency | 3 months