DXdao Proposal (redux)

Diamond DAO Proposal

What is Diamond DAO building?

Diamond DAO is building Chainverse, a platform designed to measure the health of DAOs and empower community managers to increase growth, drive engagement, and reduce churn.


The Chainverse MVP will contain three components:

  1. A dashboard for evaluating and comparing DAOs on high-level metrics related to governance, engagement, decentralization, and growth.

    1. Basic info: DAO framework used, type of DAO (i.e. NFT/DeFi), narrative explanation of DAO / products and services, Twitter/Forum/Discord, etc
    2. Governance & Decentralization
      (i) Governance token: i.e. number of governance token holders, total amount of governance token distributed, MoM change in governance token distributed
      (ii) Voting and proposals: Voter participation rate, Monthly Active Voters, median % of eligible wallets to vote on proposal, % of wallets necessary to form minimum winning coalition, # of proposals that month (broken down by proposal type), MoM change in proposals, Feed of most active proposals (based on forum engagement & voting participation), Feed of most active forum posts, identification of voting coalitions, Feed of most active members
    3. Finances
      (i) Token: token velocity, average holding time
      (ii) Treasury: size, composition, funds in (last 30 days), funds out (last 30 days), average funds received per contributor (broken down by token), # of target wallets, median received by target wallet, # of source wallets, median received by source wallets, total amount received by members / total amount requested
    4. Engagement
      (i) MAUs, # of users joined Discord (MoM), # of new Twitter followers (MoM), % of Discord members that send a message after the first week
  2. A dashboard for community managers for tracking community engagement
    (i) Segment users
    - Engagement: Highly active / Active / Less active / Inactive
    - Experience: New / OG
    (ii) Drill down based on relevant user attributes
    - Demographic information
    - Governance participation
    - Participation in other DAOs
    (iii) Configure alerts
    - Drop in aggregated engagement
    - User drops from active to less active, increases from less active to active
    - Activity level of user-specified user/s increases or drops

  3. A UI for DAO members
    (i) Provide information
    - Wallet addresses
    - Interests
    - Relevant experience
    - Availability / Capacity
    - Whether inactive or active in associated DAOs
    (ii) Review financial information
    - Funds received per DAO
    - Funds contributed per DAO

Target date to deliver MVP will depend on funds raised / fundriaising timeline. Target is end of year.

Spring release (March 1)

Integrate other data sources to improve and expand upon MVP metrics

  • collab.land, coordinape, source cred, etc, other DAO frameworks (i.e. Colony), etc

Add data & analytics specific to certain types of DAOs

  • NFT, social, DeFi, investment

Community manager dashboard improvements

  • Add additional segmentation: super user, active in other DAOs, size of holdings, roles
  • Add vibes tracking (i.e. sentiment analysis on discord & forum)
  • Add polling functionality

Introduce data submission tokenomics

  • Reward DAO members who provide demographic data w/Diamond DAO governance token

Discord bots

  • Augment community managers by automating routine tasks: (i) checking in on new members, (ii) outreach to members with engagement dropping, (iii) connecting with highly engaged members to figure out how to empower them / figure out what motivates them

DAO member UI

  • Indicate interests, experiences, availability / capacity, demographic info
  • Identify upcoming votes

Data and Metrics

  • Add & refine metrics

Summer release (July 1)

  • Develop data request dashboard
    • Users can submit request using Diamond DAO governance token, Diamond DAO members can upvote/downvote importance of request, Diamond DAO members rewarded with governance token for executing on request
  • Develop solutions for “enterprise” use cases:
    -Talent identification and evaluation, metrics to inform DeFi underwriting decisions, developing and tracking “governance reputation scores” to inform governance farming/incentive programs, targeting airdrops and liquidity incentives


  • Chainverse core contributors architect platform and build key components (i.e. community manager dashboard): Christian (data science and data engineering), Steff (ux research), Jordan (product management), Adil (product design), Rohan (data science)
  • Diamond DAO members build additional components (i.e. Discord bot) and work with users to build custom solutions and integrations (i.e. one member is building a Discord bot, another member could help build a custom solution enabling DXdao to report on vested DXD etc)
  • DXdao becomes Diamond DAO’s first customer for Chainverse – early access to platform, feature requests get additional priority
    • Begins strategic relationship:
      • Diamond DAO attracts community members with subtantative technical skills and experience working with data. We can refer talented ones to DXdao to build custom Chainverse-related solutions or other DXdao data projects
      • Diamond DAO can do UX research & data analysis to support implementation of Governance 2.0
      • Diamond DAO and DXdao can jointly published governance research, enhancing DXdao’s brand



  • Diamond DAO is raising 1.25 million. Whoever leads the round will set valuation. We want to raise as quick as possible so (i) Jordan/Steff/Christian can focus full-time on Chainverse, (ii) we can hire 3 full-time developers to hit roadmap milestones and grow community.
  • We can exchange shares in Diamond DAO (which will be converted into governance token) in return for funds


  • DXdao sends funds to Diamond DAO treasury.
  • DXdao delegate initiates Diamond DAO membership proposal (through SAFE controlled by multiple Diamond DAO members). Delegate wallet address receives Diamond DAO shares
  • At later date, shares converted to governance token

Proposal to make a 60000 DAI grant to Diamond DAO through DXventures program.

DXventures Mission

DXventures is not a traditional investment fund. Its main purpose is to collaborate with and incubate promising projects in need of seed or growth capital that solve problems DAOs and the DeFi space face.

DXdao envisions a future in which DAOs are the optimal vehicle for technologists, scientists, creatives, and industry leaders to organize through and innovate. Thus, teams that DXdao will support are developing solutions to facilitate this transition. Additionally, DXdao develops decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain and so naturally supports working with, and investing in, projects advancing the future of DeFi.

Diamond DAO

Diamond DAO is building a community for DAO data nerds. Its mission is to empower DAOs and their members by building tools to help DAOs understand, grow, engage, and decentralize their communities.

Diamond DAO is beginning with Chainverse, a data & analytics platform for measuring DAO community health.

Chainverse will look something like this.

Chainverse will have three components:

Ecosystem view: compare similarly situated DAOs across key engagement, decentralization, growth, and financial metrics.

Community view: track community health and reward engaged contributors

Member view: track earnings, view upcoming votes, earn rewards for collecting & validating data and providing anonymized demographic details

Diamond DAO will reward community members who extend Chainverse:

  • Extend coverage to emerging DAO frameworks
  • Additional metrics for novel use cases (i.e. reputation score for DeFi underwriting)
  • Discord bots using Chainverse data (i.e. one partner will use Chainverse data to build ML-driven bot to reduce churn)
  • New data sources
  • Written reports on covered DAOs

Proposal for DX ventures grant to Diamond DAO

DXventure’s mission is to fund projects that support DAOs and dApps.

DAOs need visibility into their communities to understand community health and to design & implement programs to achive growth, engagement, decentralization (i.e. governance incentive programs).

dApps need reliable reference data on DAOs and their members to build everything from social networks to better onboarding experiences to recommending DAOs for users to identifying alpha for investors.

Chainverse will provide DAOs with the visibility they need to thrive and give dApps the reference data they need to create engaging & helpful user experiences for their customers.

Diamond DAO requests that DXdao participates in its ongoing Community Contribution Opportunity through a 60,000 DAI grant in return for 100 Diamond DAO governance shares.

DXdao would also receive right of first refusal in any future Diamond DAO CCOs.

A grant from DXventures would benefit all DAOs, especially DXdao.

  • Prioritizing integrating DXvote as a covered DAO framework, benefiting DXdao & driving community attention to DXvote as an emerging and innovative governance framework
  • Diamond DAO attracts technical contributors who love DAOs and data. One contributor has already performed useful analytics for Omen. Diamond DAO can help source new contributors to DXdao to assist with data & analytics projects.
  • Governance power to propose and vote on additional features/metrics

Next Steps

If the DXdao community signals interest in going forward with a 60000 DAI grant to Diamond DAO, @amphiboly will make an on-chain proposal for the grant.