DXdao Draft Proposal / Omen, DXvote

Diamond DAO proposal

Diamond DAO can build two web apps for DXdao: (i) an analytics app for Omen, (ii) an analytics app for DXvote. We expect (i) to take between 1 month and 1.5 months and (ii) to take between 2 and 2.5 months.

So, we would target on/around January 15th for both projects to be complete/deployed.


The Omen App will allow users to explore the following metrics.

  • High-level metrics (total volume, total liquidity provided, total fees earned, total trading profits, number of wallets, number of markets)
  • Topic level metrics: metrics above aggregated by topic
  • Wallet level metrics: individual wallets ranked by metrics above

The app will also allow users to evaluate the individual performance of any given wallet/s (i.e. their own) across Omen’s markets.

Work to date

One of our contributors (Rohan Bansal) has already written queries in Dune Analytics that capture the metrics written above; we can either (i) use Selenium to export the data from Dune Analytics every day or (ii) build a new Omen subgraph in the Graph that covers the data attributes we need.


  • Rohan Bansal (full-stack engineer)
  • Adil Majid (product designer)
  • Jordan Olmstead (data product manager)

Outstanding questions

  • Do we want to include statistics on MoM/WoW growth? They could be helpful internally but could could backfire if prominently highlighted externally (i.e. if we experience negative liquidity/volume growth).
  • Should we report on Mainnet and Xdai? Or just Xdai?


The key driver of cost/risk is reporting on user wallets.

  • Requires additional design/UI work
  • The Graph / Dune only track proxy wallets. Each user’s wallet may be associated with one or more proxy wallets. Querying for data specific to a user in real-time is not trivial.

We can do it, but since there are a few unknowns there, we would charge more to ensure we can bring on additional resources (outside of DXdao contributors) to assist if necessary.

With user level reporting: $30,000

Without user level reporting: $20,000

Timeframe: 1.5 months


The DXvote app will report on wallets and proposals.


  • Proposal name, start date, end date, votes for, votes against, proposal type


  • Proposals initiated, votes, REP earned, DXD earned, influence score, any other metrics operationally necessary to implement Governance 2.0

We may be able to add functionality for users to explore aggregated statistics on proposal types, etc.

Work to date

One of our contributors (Christian) experimented with analyzing DXdao governance data as a project to familiarize himself with The Graph.

Over the next month (while Christian is on paternity leave) we are engaging Raid Guild to build a pipeline to collect key governance metrics on all DAOhaus, Aragon, and Alchemy DAOs. Rohan will separately be collecting similar metrics for DAOs operating on Gnosis/Snapshot.

Several potential customers have told us that they are interested in developing “governance scores” for DAO members (often linked to financial incentives), so we have already began brainstorming the best ways to capture shareholder & contributor engagement.

The work above will position us to deliver relevant metrics for DXdao.


  • Rohan Bansal
  • Christian Lemp (Data Engineer)
  • Adil Majid
  • Jordan Olmstead
  • Steff Browne (UX researcher, DAO subject matter expert)

Jordan, Steff, and Christian will conduct user interviews with DXdao team members during the Omen phase of the engagement to nail down the metrics necessary to implement and report on Governance 2.0.


To give an accurate / fair estimate on pricing we would need to drill down on exactly what metrics we are needed for Governance 2.0. I would imagine somewhere in the range of $30-60,000.


2.5 months


Jordan Olmstead (Director of Product @ Kharon)

  • DXdao contributor

Adil Majid (Product Designer @ Palantir)

Christian Lemp (Director of Data Engineering @ Insurance)

Rohan Bansal (Full Stack Dev @ Stanford)

Stephanie Brown (Community Engagement @ Panvala, UX research @ Aragon Protocol)

The work outlined above

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As we’ve discussed on the call - this feels like a bigger project (potentially much bigger) than this proposal indicates. Saw my name in the proposal, too. I’m happy to provide a deeper scope of the aspects that you see me helping with @amphiboly.eth to 1. help us make this whole project more precise, and 2. provide an estimate of the costs for that part.

Yeah this was just a first pass that we needed to get the conversation going on their side.

I will be reaching out to folks for us to come up with a more narrow & focused proposal.

First step is figuring out what DXdao actually wants, and get some sort of initial payment, then we can work through this.

We can talk about it more at MCON.

Glad this conversation is started. This will be great work for Diamond DAO, and good timing to use our Chainverse product.

Revised proposal here – DXdao Proposal (redux)