[DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION] UberHaus Proposal: Summoning of UberPaladin Circle


This proposal is to outline the idea for a UberPaladin Circle - its creation, its objectives and how to fund it.

Problem / Opportunity

UberHaus is new and awesome and consists of awesome delegates from varying backgrounds, but it will need a team of contributors to help make it tick. We’ve experienced this similar problem and solution with other DAOs, especially in the Moloch/MC/DH ecosystems.

UberHaus needs a crew with a Lead to help make it tick, especially in these early days.

Mirroring the set-up of the MC Paladins and the HausPaladin Circle that has been and is helping drive DAOHaus, we propose to summon UberPaladin Circle DAO on xDai DAOhaus.

UberHaus should have its own Paladin Circle which will support the workings of UberHaus.

Initially, this UberPaladin Circle will be responsible for:

  • Organizing and running UberHaus meetings
  • Tracking needs and tasks of UberHaus and who will tackle
  • In the beginning, UberPaladin Circle is the only UberHaus Circle but this could change for sure
  • Operations, such Governance tasks (process, proposals, execution)
  • Cat herding the UberHaus community when needed
  • Anything else that comes up

It should probably mainly be composed of strong delegates from DAOs of UberHaus that want to see UberHaus succeed.

Funding Milestones and Payments

UberHaus should give the UberPaladin Circle a chance to kick things off and prove itself, and see how it evolves.

UberHaus should evaluate the value that UberPaladin Circle is delivering on a regular basis.

Proposed Funding of Circle:

There should also be some amount of funding for this Circle to compensate the contributors to this Circle. This could be funded on a monthly or quarterly basis by UberHaus or funded with a SuperFluid flow from UberHaus.

Initial idea to start is about $3-4k in Haus per month, to be divided up by contributors to UberPaladin Circle based on value contributed. If needed, this amount can be increased/decreased or topped on in a month.

Ideally, there is a Head delegate that could also be the main representative of UberHaus for relations to DAOhaus and other entities.

Very likely, HausPaladin Circle and UberPaladin Circle will have strong, important relations.

Business Model

UberPaladin Circle works for UberHaus, almost as a contracted service provider.

Core Team

Wonderfully, there is already interest from @burleebau, @Yalor, @felipeduarte.eth, @0xjoshua.eth, @VGataulin, @dekan.eth (and @Sky to help kick things off).

All are hanging around in the DAOHaus/UberHaus community Discord and forum. Anyone else with interest, please reach out.


UberHaus should evaluate the value that UberPaladin Circle is delivering on a regular basis and adjust.

Why should Uberhaus DAO fund this?

HAUS tokens holders will benefit if UberHaus and the growth of DAOHaus succeeds. In order to set-up UberHaus for success, we need a focused group to drive the process and operations.


Thanks for the draft @Sky. As a UberHaus delegate (from Autopia) this proposal makes a lot of sense to me. And as some of you know from Discord, I’m up for joining the UberPaladin circle.


The proposal looks good. I’d like to help determine what we want those deliverables to be for the Uberhaus/DAOhaus paladin circles in this next UberHaus delegates meeting. It might also be valuable to narrow down the specific duties of a Paladin, so we can get a better idea of what the scope of work looks like on a mo/mo basis.

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Agree, this is important and will be useful.

To give some perspective and comparison, HausPaladin Circle which has been filling this role within the building of DAOhaus ecosystem so far is quite organizatonal and operational. This Circle is only one of the four Circles actively contributing.

Within UberHaus, UberPaladin initially has a greater role as it is the sole Circle making UberHaus tick. I see this ecosystem expanding, and I see UberPaladin Circle really helping to craft the future of the UberHaus structures.

In order for UberPaladin to help UberHaus succeed, it would be great to gather input from all UberHaus delegates on how they would like UberHaus to move forward. Maybe a poll or form could be useful?

Link to UberHaus Proposal

Sorry I’m late to this. While I fully support the Paladin initiative, and see $3-4k per month as fair, the on chain proposal is requesting 1333 HAUS (~$26000). That would be for a 6-8 month period?

As stated, I totally agree:

UberHaus should give the UberPaladin Circle a chance to kick things off and prove itself, and see how it evolves

But I think the funding requested should be for a 1 month period, so we can evaluate results before funding another 5 months.

This proposal is to stream the funds at a rate of ~$4k per month. UberHaus can turn off the stream at any point if we determine that the funding is not appropriate.

(That information probably needs to be more clearly depicted in the superfluid boost proposal UI.)

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Ah, I didn’t realize that. Then that sounds reasonable. What’s the superfluid boost UI, and how can I verify that the proposal will indeed be a controllable stream (and not a simple transference)?