28 Funding Proposal - UberPaladins Increase Haus Allocation


UberPaladins are requesting 500 HAUS be paid out for the previous two months of organizing, coordinating, documenting, and recording meetings


The original request from Uber Paladins was made through this forum post and
DAO proposal here. Both Request a total of 1,555 HAUS to be allocated over the period of 5 months.

Since the proposal was made in mid-May, HAUS price has halved. Following that the Superfluid Proposal that was processed 31-days ago has sent nearly 266 HAUS to the UberPaladins PaladinFluid Minion, which should unlock once the streaming has stopped, you can view the Stream here (bottom stram).

Due to recent market conditions, UberPaladins are requesting a direct payment of 500 HAUS be made to the UberPaladins Circle Minion: Paladin Fluid Minion to make up for the decreases in Haus token price.

We will discern over the next few days whether or not we want to top up the amount being allocated in the stream to be more in line with the initial proposal,

UberHaus Delegates Meeting

We’ll be garnering consensus on this proposal in the upcoming UberPaladins Meeting being held this week sometime. Please feel free to share any comments, questions, or concerns below!