DAO Grants Thread

The first step in applying for a grant is posting your proposal for discussion here.

Grants are offered by UberHaus to DAOs for several purposes, some of which are identified below:

  • Membership Grants - DAOs can request up to 500 shares in UberHaus to participate in governance
  • Tech/Service Grant - Tech grants afford DAOs on the DAOhaus platform up to 500 HAUS to build what they want for DAOhaus
  • Token Swap - This grant enables DAOs to swap their DAO’s token for up to 2500 shares in UberHaus, presenting a different kind of value transfer and shared ownership model.

Please Follow This template:

Proposal Template



In this section, include a high level overview of your proposal. What is your initiative? Why should people fund you? Try to stay brief.

Problem / Opportunity

What problem or opportunity are you looking to solve?

Funding Milestones and Payments

Note: Proposers should deliver on something before asking for payment.

  • If you are applying for Uberhaus membership your community should be established, please link to relevant documentation - community mission/manifesto, community discussion groups and forums, and dao.
  • If you are applying for a tech grant link to current spec documents and/or prototypes.

If applying for a tech grant please outline the Milestones & payments (payments can be set up as a stream, in this case what is the steam rate?):

  • Phase 1: description of Phase 1 and deliverables + payment amount in $USD + delivery DATE
  • Phase 2: description of Phase 2 and deliverables + payment amount in $USD + delivery DATE
  • etc

Total payment: $USD, complete upon delivery of phases. Should have a maximum amount of 500HAUS.

Payments will be made to the following xDai address:

We consider ourselves independent contractors of the UberHaus DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to our team. [this is a requirement]

Business Model

What is your business model?

Note that all software produced should be open source with MIT license.

Core Team

  • Person A: Engineer. Here is a link to their Linkedin. They have been active is so and so community for 3 years, and have a great track record.
  • Person B: Designer. Here is a link to their Linkedin. They currently work for Google, here are examples of their work: [link]
  • Person C: developer. Here is a link to their Linkedin and Github.
  • etc

The contact person for this project will be Person A. Their contact information is personA@gmail.com and their Discord handle is #3433Person A

How long has your team/community worked together? What other projects have you worked on?


Our project will attend community calls, and provide updates on our milestones as we make progress. In the event that we can’t fulfil our commitment, funds will be returned to Uberhaus DAO. We will also work with community members to ensure updates are distributed through the Uberhaus communication channels. [update and adjust accordingly!]

Why should Uberhaus DAO fund this?

What is the benefit to HAUS token holders? How will this help grow the ecosystem, or bring value to them? Make you last pitch here!

Useful Links & Media

Add anything that might be relevant to the reader! Links, demos, videos, etc.

Read More in the handbook



Funding Proposals are the core business of many DAOs. However, the type of funding and decision making process is happening on-the-go. This proposal is to make the whole process more efficient and guided. DAO members would gain time in their weekly calls and the flow of funding would be smoother for members.


DAO Members are constantly receiving funding proposals from external projects during their regular weekly calls. There is an opportunity to make the process more efficient; by joining 3-4 projects together and presenting it as a “Startup Demo Day” which would happen on a quarterly basis. By having one call per quarter to vote/approve/discuss grants winners; DAOs will have a more focused decision to fund projects.

Funding Milestones and Payments

Phase 1 (around 8 hours work) - Best Practices exploration. Team will collect info about how DAOs are running “FUNDING PROPOSALS” both internally and externally. Best practices will be collected. DAOs will be able to learn how other DAOs are giving away money. Ideally we will count on MetaCartel Ventures, RaidGuild, MetaGammaDelta to share their practices. All UberHaus delegates will be invited.

Phase 1.1 - Understanding and exploring Internal Incentives

Phase 1.2 - Understanding and exploring External Incentives.

Phase 2 (around 8 hours work)- Division of new Funding Categories and developing new UI Guidelines. In phase 1, there will be a clear differentiation between 3 types of Funding Proposals (Internal Operations, Bug Bounties, External Grants to web3 projects). In this phase UI will be re-design to reflect the new Funding proposals schema.

Phase 3 (around 40 hours work) - DataCollection of 2020: how much funding was distributed? %internal vs. %external grants. Definition of 2021 goals ($$ to grow by x%). Definition of time-horizon cuts. Semester events vs quarterly events. How much % of funding to be given on Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 or S1 S2. This will be important for better cash management and fundraising strategy planning. Blogspot publication with data. Interview previews grantees winners.

Phase 4 (around 60 hours of work) - Reorganizing the Grant Proposal process as quarterly/semester events. In this phase, UberHaus members will be asked to participate in a sort of “DemoDay” and vote on specific criteria (defined on Phase 1) that will guide the grants process. A “subdao grants committee” will be created with the responsibility of running the UberHaus Grants Project (UHGP) and all DAO members are invited to participate in the DemoDay to give opinions on projects and vote on funding given.

Phase 5 (run in parallel with Phase 4) (around 60 hours of work) -. Blog article or video inviting DAO Haus Delegates to apply for DemoDay / Blog article or video presenting the winners, amounts given and rationale. Interview/follow up with subdao grants committee

Business Model

Saving time and resources of DAO members is the main motivation for this proposal.

Core Team

Juliana (itsencrypted#6766 | juliana@itsencrypted.com)


Juliana will dedicate 30 hours/week to design the new process + implementation of the strategy together with the Subdao Grants Committee.
A DemoDay will be established and organized by July 15th.

Payment Requested

$370 worth of HAUS/or ETH upon completion of Phases 1 & 2

$920 worth of HAUS/or ETH upon completion of Phase 3

$2760 worth of HAUS/or ETH upon completion of Phases 4 & 5


good morning! Happy Friday.
Did I post this Proposal in the correct thread? or should I create another thread for it with a #number - Funding Proposal - Uberhaus Grants improvement process ?

Looking forward to get phase 1 started. Where do I get the green light from the community?

I think this is a great initiative.

Would be cool to nail down our process for grants and have a more unifying solution across all doas. We have some of the best grant giving daos in the space using daohaus, MetaCartel, Moloch, Stakehaus, Uberhaus, Daosquare

Also, having a dedicated team we will be able to get better quality grant proposals that actually come infront of the dao. Reducing onchain overhead and governance overload.

I think this thread is a good place to start with getting some initial community feedback. If there is not any push back you could move it to a dedicated thread and get it up for a funding vote


Peerion is building a network of autonomous staking pools on DAOhaus that enables anyone to contribute to the security and decentralization of web 3.0 via co-owned nodes/validators. This proposal is for a membership grant / token swap to join the Uberhaus DAO in order to assist with the mainstream adoption of DAOhaus by driving more users and more value to the platform.

Problem / Opportunity

In order for DAOhaus to achieve mainstream adoption, new use cases that drive value to the platform, other than grants and dev guilds, must continually be added to the ecosystem to attract new users. We see DAOhaus becoming a dual marketplace for jobs and investments, a place where people can come and find opportunities. Peerion wants to help bridge the gap between DAOhaus and the entire blockchain ecosystem of investors by offering a variety of unique investment options on the platform, while also contributing onboarding and coordination material to seamlessly integrate entire communities.

Funding Milestones and Payments

We are requesting a 50/50 split for a grant/token-swap combination.

Grant: 250 HAUS
Token Swap: 250 HAUS for 25,000 ION

The swap proportions were calculated based on total supply. We also thought to do it based on market value, but Uberhaus would end up with significantly less ION, and since we are relatively new and less established, we figured this is the fairest way.

Supply Breakdown

250 HAUS = 0.025% of the total supply (1M)
25,000 ION = 0.025% of the total supply (100M)

Value Breakdown
$13.22 HAUS value at time of writing
$0.45 ION value at time of writing

250 HAUS * $13.22 = $3,305
$3,305 / $0.45 = 7,344 ION

Business Model

The business model for Peerion revolves around co-owning nodes and validators. We offer a unique incentive model that not only encourages, but enables all levels of investors to participate in services that provide security and decentralization to various blockchain networks.

We chose DAOhaus on xDai because it was the most user-friendly experience we could find, but we stayed for the awesome community vibes. Currently, we have brought more than $250,000 in value to the platform, with plans for a lot more growth. With our first two node pools being a success, we have a clear on-ramp to disrupt the current node/validator service market and capture value from many other ecosystems.

At the same time, we have also been building a strong relationship with pNetwork and we believe that we can leverage our collaboration to build liquidity for their pTokens through incentivized LP farm DAOs. pNetwork currently bridges 10+ blockchains with 50+ connections, giving huge potential and further incentive for more users and more value.

Peerion’s goals are to offer node/validator services and build/provide liquidity on xDai for any projects that are aligned with our vision of an interoperable blockchain ecosystem. All rewards earned from the various nodes/validators will be flowing back to DAOhaus. Building liquidity for these reward assets, will only help ensure that our users remain in DAOhaus on xDai for the long-term.

Core Team

Jeremy Klein (jeremy@peerion.io | JeremyKlein#8832)


Peerion will fulfill all requirements as an Uberhaus member. We will attend community calls, provide updates on any collaborations as we make progress, and always look for new ways to contribute to the growth and sustainability of DAOhaus.

Why should Uberhaus DAO fund this?

The more users, the more value. The more value, the more users. The more users and value, the more HAUS token adoption - the trifecta:). Peerion will contribute to this positive feedback loop of continued growth for the entire DAOhaus ecosystem, now and into the foreseeable future.

Useful Links & Media

Here are our relevant links:

Docs (WIP)

Peerion DAO
Distro DAO



Creative Organization DAO’s initiative is to provide creators throughout the entertainent industry with DeFi tools, NFTs withs daily streaming royalties, gamified structures to build “Star Power”, build up fan their base, gain reputation, and partnership fundings by participating in brand campaigns.

We believe we should be funded because of our constant innovation of changing the way creators earn income while making it fun and engaging.

Problem / Opportunity

The modern entertainment industry does not allow the creator to develop a real independent career. Access to funding is limited and rarely banked.

Furthermore, creator’s are benefiting the most from the DeFi tools of the crypto world.

Funding Milestones and Payments

Uberhaus membership

The Creative Organization DAO is registered DAO with the state of Wyoming (https://wyobiz.wyo.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=196181049015073236037063066115189147104143014011).

Creative Organization DAO has won multiple hackathon prize winnings (https://showcase.ethglobal.com/scaling/creative) and earned a Filecoin grant (https://github.com/filecoin-project/devgrants/issues/346), and established key partnerships with Chainlink and Polygon throughout our building journey thus far.

Our founder Gawain Bracy II (G2) has been consistently active and has contributed within the Daohaus community.

Our mission, is to bring imagination and originality to independent creators by offering services and innovative technology solutions to catapult their careers.

Our community discussions are currently held within our Discord (https://discord.gg/4SzEbmcKwK), but we also plan to use Discourse forums soon.

Our DAO: https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x89/0xc48996a569911fd6eba1b97b6419731eed32041e/

Website: https://creativeplatform.io

Chainlink + Creative partnership blog post (November 9th release): https://docs.google.com/document/d/11YoA_fZE4vKhAVAxo8pr88y4PGwM9Ig89h4vDykfeq8/edit?usp=sharing

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Recent blog post with Chainlink: https://twitter.com/chainlink/status/1458149138147774472?s=20

Currently, Creative has earned 11 HAUS from contributions to DAOHaus and would like to place a membership proposal for an additional 489 HAUS to join UberHaus.

Tech Grant: App Marketplace for DAOs

While we already have a live prototype and a small working community this post is not yet a formal proposal and we are not requesting any vote on it, yet. We are simply gauging interest and looking for collaborators. We will update this post as the project evolves and ultimately apply for funding.

Only got 2 minutes? Watch this!


Integrating existing w2/3 apps into DAOs is hard to impossible.


Make it easier for DAOs to integrate existing w2/3 apps.

Rapid development of dozens of valuable Boosts for DAOHaus.


An open source, decentralized system that integrates with major DAO frameworks on multiple blockchains.

Uses cases

  • Trigger and batch salary payments from BambooHR, Gusto or other HR solutions for vote/signature, execute or start streams (Superfluid) and write transaction details back into HR systems
  • Setup a Google, or TypeForm to capture payment requests and pass them manually or automated for vote. After execution, write transaction details back into the source sheet.
  • Build a grant management app using Airtable where grantees provide project details and wallet addresses, review and manage the grant process using custom Airtable interfaces and define grant release milestones. Automatically pass prescreened grants to approval or signature to DAO/MultiSi/Metamask. Update transaction IDs on Airtable then release grants when milestones are met with additional votes.
  • Create a custom dApp that allows members, team and contractors to request payments while signing with their wallet. Release payment as withdrawals minimizing transaction failures and providing integral, trustless reporting.
  • Batch multiple invoices from Web3 DApps like smart Invoice, Request or Bullla for voting as proposals or signature. Transfer funds back into dApp at execution.
  • Automatically write data from any of the above processes into accounting tools like Xero, Quickbooks and Netsuite and/or push data into data warehouses on Google or Amazon for ETL processing and customized reporting.
  • Connect with Zapier to receive or send any custom data set resulting from interaction with treasury or proposals functions in the DAO.


We have a prototype product that demonstrates the ease of use that can be achieved with our approach. The product is live (and yet audited!) on the Google Chrome Store and can be used to send native tokens on Harmony and Ethereum. The product will achieve its first 100k of transactions in February 2022. Developed with a Harmony Grant and one, two Hackathon wins.

The easiest way to understand the use of case hands on is to watch a Figma screen recording with the example of DAOHaus and Gnosis a well as the current product go here For a longer 20 min demo that also goes into withdrawal functionality and (merkle) airdrops look here.

We are currently engaging with leading DAOs, DAO Frameworks, DAO Tools and multiple chains to collaborate on the project.

Looking for

  1. DAOHaus/Moloch based DAOs need to extend their tools set and disposition to collaborate and potentially contribute to the DAO.
  2. Expertise with Oracle-technologies and implementation as well as related tokenomics to further develop the framework
  3. Funding from DAOHaus
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SHE UberHAUS Grant Proposal Draft


Shenanigan (SHE) is a mobile-frontend service for buying, selling, trading, and gaming provably rare NFT sports trading cards. Athletes on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, etc can issue their own series of trading cards to capture their image and personal growth. SHE is submitting this proposal for a membership grant / token swap to join the Uberhaus DAO in order to contribute to the growth and diversification of DAOhaus by driving more use-cases, users, and value to the platform.


In order for DAOhaus to continue scaling up, an inclusive environment for new use cases that drive value to the platform should not only be encouraged but incentivized. Shenanigan (SHE) not only brings a new market to DAOhaus, but intends to utilize DAOhaus for its main treasury and extend that utility to future athlete fan clubs that form within the SHE Universe. By receiving a grant from UberHAUS to become a member, SHE can be confident as an ambassador for the DAOhaus platform within the sports fan marketplace, while becoming an integral part of the DAOhaus ecosystem with a voice to express concerns and participate in governing the overall direction of the platform.

Currently, SHE DAO serves as a treasury management system on DAOhaus for the SHE team to coordinate around, which was previously migrated from Aragon. An extensive report on the transition from Aragon to DAOhaus will be included as an additional tribute to UberHAUS, with the goal of offering context and perspective for other potential migrations.

As SHE’s services start to roll out, individual athlete fan club DAOs will form in order to buy, sell and distribute the SHE NFT sports trading cards as collective groups of aligned fans.

Funding Milestones and Payments

We are requesting a 50/50 split for a grant/token swap combination.
As of 12/17/2021
Grant: 250 HAUS
Token Swap: 250 HAUS for x PRTCLE
Haus token:17.85x250=4,462.50
Partickle token:$0.05x89,250=4,462.50
The swap was calculated based on current market value.

As of 1/4/2022
Looking at current token price we do not have the liquidity to do a full token swap, when we first initially wrote the proposals your servers were down and the price was 17.85. Since then it has double. Would it be possible to request a grant for the differance?

Business Model

The SHE business model revolves around two streams of revenue.

  1. A 1-2% fee is taken on every NFT trade
  2. A scaling fee is charged per second on live streams

The collected fees will be secured and managed in the SHE DAO treasury on DAOhaus. As SHE’s services scale and its treasury grows, other initiatives around the PRTCLE Token and SHE community will roll out, with plans in the near future to launch a PoolHAUS and CCO type fundraising program.


Shenanigan will fulfill all requirements as an Uberhaus member, attend community calls, provide updates on any collaborations as progress is made, and always look for new ways to contribute to the growth and sustainability of DAOhaus.

Why should Uberhaus DAO fund this?

SHE introduces a new market to DAOhaus in the form of sports fans, athletes, and collectible NFT sports trading cards via an interconnected network of SHE athlete fan clubs (sub-DAOs of SHE DAO). SHE will not only drive more value and users to the DAOhaus platform, but create a new vertical with tremendous potential for growth, pioneering the way for similar clubs and organizations to form.

Useful Links & Media

All relevant links, docs, socials etc…


I would love to participate in governance, or in anyway I can be of use. Could someone please let me know how I could actually join and participate in this dao or anything I can do