72: FUberHaus v1.5 - "Fubar Blizzard"


UberHaus was summoned in April of 2021 with the goal of decentralizing ownership over the DAOhaus platform - airdropping all of the active Moloch DAOs on DAOhaus Shares at a ratio of:

1 share = 1 HAUS

77 DAOs in total received shares in UberHaus, where over the course of one year roughly ~30 DAOs participated in governance, showing up to meetings, voting on proposals, and coordinating grants to projects across the DAOhaus platform.

Reflecting on v1 of UberHaus, there are several things that we realize could use improvement, supporting more efficacious and fluid governance within the DAO of DAOs.

  • In UberHaus v1 there was no opt-in increasing the difficulty of getting DAOs who were airdropped shares to participate in governance.

  • In the current version, there is no way for DAOs outside of the DAOhaus ecosystem to join and govern in UberHaus.

  • UberHaus does not allow for a unified mechansim by which individuals with loot and delegates with shares can participate in governance together through off chain voting using snapshot.

  • There has been no way to “upgrade consensus” - introducing new policies to be updated into the DAOs governance or consensus framework.

The Path to Increasing Governance and Participation in the DAO of DAOs

Taking our learnings from v1 of UberHaus, we are announcing the launch of UberHaus v1.5.

The new structure and launch strategy will promote increased participation in UberHaus by way of a open governance strategy where token holders have the opportunity to surface important issues to the core DAO of delegates.

UberHaus v1.5 Launch Plan :rocket:

First, we will summon a new Moloch 2.5 DAO for UberHaus along with the Shaman interface (borrowed from Moloch v3)

The new DAO will be created with the same voting period that UberHaus v1 uses, but it will have the ability to execute member proposals early if quorum is met by delegates.

The HAUS bank currently in UberHaus v1 will be moved through a proposal to the new DAOs minion safe!

RatHaus - Loot holders

In order for individuals to participate in governance, UberHaus will need to deploy an erc20 shaman - setup with a 3 month time limit where loot can be distributed at a ratio of 100 LOOT: 1 HAUS, with a 3000 HAUS staking limit.

Loot holders will be able to participate in a snapshot governance module, read more below on the structure and implications of the setup.

After the initial three months, we will make an assessment about whether or not we want to deploy another shaman for HAUS holders to stake.

Members who stake will be eligible for NFTs rewards and whitelisting for special offers, other perks.

BundesHaus (Share holders)

Only DAOs will be eligible to receive shares in UberHaus.

Current Uberhaus DAOs can opt in for membership through voting on the proposal to transfer funds from the current DAO to the new DAOs safe minion.

Excess funds in the current DAO released from inactive DAOs that do not opt-in will be put into a membership grant fund vault for providing grant matching to new members.

The requirements for membership are as follows

  • 500 HAUS Minimum
  • No Maximum (requires ratification)
  • Any smart account type contract (DAO, Safes, Comp) just needs to be a DAO (yes all daos not just Molochs)
  • On Gnosis chain (delegated sub DAOs from other chains are fine)
  • No EOAs
  • Contract must be able to call set delegate, ragequit, and withdraw on the DAO
  • New member proposals outside the initial opt-in window must go through the standard governance process.
  • If Snapshot passes on a new member proposal then membership can be fast tracked with a ealy execution minion/shaman. At least 3 current member daos must approve and it will then transfer loot to shares.
  • Member Application process includes submitting a Snapshot proposal before an official on-chain proposal is made to the DAO.

Governance Process

  1. All funding and grant proposals will have to take place through a Snapshot integration first, where all loot (Rathaus) and share holders (UberHaus delegates) can vote.
  1. In order to make a proposal to the Snapshot, members will need to hold a minimum of 100 loot/shares.

  2. The snapshot period will be set at 5 days to allow for maximum participation from loot/share holders.

  1. After a proposal passes in the Snapshot, they are put on chain by a delegate in UberHaus for share holders to ratify. DAO members can choose to pass, veto, or abstain.

All proposals should be fit into a few different categories.

  • Policy Change
  • Grant/Funding request
  • New member DAO
  • Guild Kick


Proposals should be able to fast track the snapshot round. The only time this can happen is in a gridlock situation, in that case a current member DAO can make a proposal to resolve the situation.

All proposals outside this flow should be ignored, unless a policy is enacted to override this

All current Uberhaus ‘subdaos’ must go through this process

Start with a very minimal operating agreement for Member DAOs.

UberHaus v2

After 6 months we will upgrade to Baal contracts with new voting and staking mechanics.

  • This proposal was written and contributed by current active UberHaus member DAO delegates.

    • Warcamp - Dekan
    • Peerion - Jeremy
    • Raidguild - Keating
    • Commitpool - Spencer
    • Madison Blockchain Group - plor
    • MetaCartel Ventures - Callum
    • LexDAO - Nick

    in Review (comment if you agree and we can move your name up)

    • MetaCartel - Yalor
    • MolochDAO - TW
    • Trojan DAO - Jsimbouras
    • MetaGammaDelta - Zayi


April 4th - onchain proposal for current members to opt in (4 day window).

Key actions items:

  1. Post to forum the plan for UberHaus v1.5
  2. Create a process for Delegates who opt-in in to use an existing or create a special purpose minion to manage their membership in the new DAO
  3. Create a submission form that Delegates can “Submit materials” to, such as: minion address, DAO information, and any personal information they want to share to stay up to date on communications
  4. deploy dao, yeeter, HAUS Safe vault, Member Grant Vault
  5. Once DAO is deployed, work with JP to deploy UberHaus styleguide to the new site.
  6. Write a article about uberdao 1.5 rise of the phoenix
Initial Questions
  1. Does UberHaus need to modify it’s Manifesto?
  2. How will we need to adjust documentation on UberHaus to reflect the changes made to the underlying structure as well as membership requirments
  3. Ensure backward compatability between DAOhaus docs & UberHaus docs focused on UberSpecific materials


If you are a delegate, please submit your DAOs information here → UberHaus v1.5 Materials submission

If you need help summoning a Safe Minion to manage your DAOs membership, check out this tutorial here.

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This is me commenting to move my name up.


I would recommend that we lower this minimum to 100 HAUS.

This would have the following benefits:

  • Enable more DAOs – including younger and smaller DAOs – to join UH and contribute actively to governance
  • Increase the attractiveness of potential future $HAUS value accrual mechanisms. For example, if DAOhaus were to implement some kind of fee that is (partially) reimbursed with market-bought $HAUS, DAOs receiving that $HAUS would be that much closer to having enough to join UH.

And the following potential costs/risks:

  • Likely increase in the volume of membership proposals UH needs to handle. If governance capacity is low, this could decrease UH’s ability to handle other important proposals (such as grants, strategic token swaps, etc.). However, I do not believe UH is anywhere close to its governance capacity. What UH needs is more activity, not less.

However we should work out the Minimum Tribute requirement for membership before final approval, since there is some discussion to change it from the proposed 500HAUS.

I just wanted to explain here the ragequit that is occurring from Madison Blockchain DAO. We don’t have the 500 HAUS to join with this proposal, nor the 100 HAUS if it is lowered. Since we have been fairly active on the governance side we feel that holding onto the airdrop from ~1 year ago is deserved. It isn’t clear yet how the transition will take place so ragequitting before the treasury is no longer 1 share:1 HAUS seemed like the best defensive measure.

With this, we are not signalling disagreement with any particular proposal or a break with DAOhaus in general. We do feel that this proposal could have benefited from a closer look at how smaller DAOs were impacted, but in general support the effort of increasing engagement.


What if founding UberHaus members that remain for UberHaus 1.5 were given a HAUS grant to top them up to 100?

I would personally (not speaking on behalf of the DAO) be opposed to special treatment in such a way. Many of the DAOs that have participated since launch are above 100 HAUS and wouldn’t need such charity, and the other’s like Madison Blockchain seemingly need to show some skin in the game. We are not in a place to make any such promises, and I wouldn’t feel it to be fair to accept a grant without sacrifice on our part.

Thank you for posting and thanks everyone for the good feedback.

Being in the current role of Warcamp delegate (Daohaus Core Product DAO) We formally support this proposal.

I think this is a great initiative for a few reasons

  • Will work as a stepping stone into the new contracts and framework with Daohaus and moloch V3.
  • Lets us leverage and build on the sub dao technology we have built.
  • Creates a opt-in process for DAOs that feel like they can continue to support and participate. They will continue to be able to help evolve the idea of a on chain federation of DAOs
  • Introduction of individual staking and off chain voting will lower friction to participate.
  • Individual staking also highlights that we are more than just a team building dao tooling and gives voice to the greater HAUS community.
  • Overall it is a better representation of the DAO community as a whole.
  • Policy driven proposals will allow more async collaboration and emergence.
  • Staking and a 2 body governance system keeps necessary safe guards from the faults of coin voting alone.

I agree with this. Because the HAUS token value has gone up a lot from when we initially launched Uberhaus it I think we can lower the friction to entry and require a lower stake for new DAOs. 100 feels about right.

This is a great way to open participation and I also like that 1 HAUS stake is all that is needed to start participating in off chain governance. I do think we roll it out slowly over a few months.

suggested changes:

  • Initially we can set up staking windows of one day a week and lower the caps to 100 per address and 1000 total per round.
  • 100 loot per haus. This will give us more flexibility with potential future reward/drip/slashing mechanics, introduced or driven by policy changes. This goes for current member DAOs share holdings as well.
  • Off chain voting quorum of at least 10% of total shares/loot
  • Minimum proposal threshold of at least the stake required to join as a member dao
  • Off chain voting period or 4-5 days
  • On chain ratification of 12 days voting and 12 days grace.

Rolling out a little slower also will give the member DAOs time to re implement policies and processes that were set up in V1.

I think we add a 1-2 month window where current member DAOs that have chosen not to support or participate can reengage and reapply, alow this without losing their current standing in the DAO. But ofcourse current participating member DAOs have the final say on acceptance and all members can ragequit at anytime.

Now that we have 10 DAOs that have shown interest in Buneshaus I think we have enough signal to put up the proposal to ratify this move and transfer supply into the new DAO (3 week process). During that time we can spin up the new DAO with initial DAO members, begin to onboard any other current member DAOs that would like to continue to support and new member DAOs that are ready to get involved. Then plan to start the first round of Rathaus onboarding soon after.

say you applied with a grant proposal for uberhaus but never heard back should i try to submit as a delegate or wait until this opens fully?