45: Funding Proposal - Funding proposal – Redesign of DiamondDAO website

45: Funding Proposal - Funding proposal – Redesign of DiamondDAO website

This is a proposal for the design and implementation of the DiamondDAO website redesign. Original forum post here: Funding proposal – Redesign of DiamondDAO website

Original post details copied below:

The project will be based on what was outlined in this post from @amphiboly.eth here: Website Redesign - Seeking Feedback)

The project consists of two parts:
Redesigning the existing Diamond DAO marketing website
Creating a new marketing website for Chainverse

Notes on this project:
Details for part 1 are still being flushed out. Designs will start once more details are added to the forum linked above.
The work on Diamond and Chainverse websites will focus on serving as a general overview, utilizing content and architecture that will be easily extensible to future versions as we add more detail.

Project details and deliverables
The deliverables will be the live versions of the two websites. Mocks will also be available in the Figma file. I will work with @adilmajid.eth from the previous website design to carry over the same brand and visual style.

The expected timeline of this project will be 2 weeks from start.

I am requesting $1500 and 25 shares in the community DAO

A bit about me
I have been a product designer for over a decade working in various industries spanning consumer products, retail, machine learning, and healthcare. I am transitioning into working in Web3 full-time and looking forward to improving the overall legibility and UX of applications in the space. You can find examples of my work at www.angelaliu.com.
Relevent Link: forum.daohaus.club/t/funding-proposal-redesign-of-diamonddao-website/10118/2
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