41: Funding Proposal - Hashink'

41: Funding Proposal - Hashink’

Connecting Stars and Fans through NFT’d autographs.
Hashink is a platform to allow celebrities to sign digital autographs as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Roadmap & Features:

Why is this project important for the NFT scene?
We believe Hashink will allow for the onboarding of new (non Ethereum initiated) users into the space by giving them a general purpose application that appeals to many.
This can possibly expand the visibility and accessibility of NFT’s all the while creating royalties for middle class actors who are in desperate need of additional revenue to allow them to continue pursuing their passion. These celebrities have a voice and a large audience and they will be helping us achieve mainstream adoption of Ethereum.

How we would benefit and use the funds from the DAO?
We would use the funds to help onboard stars who have no prior experience with ETH and NFT’s. We would educate them about the market, and then help them set up accounts and walk them through the process.

More information and Q&A here:

Relevent Link: hashink.app
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