38: Funding Proposal - Hashink

38: Funding Proposal - Hashink

Hashink: Connecting Stars and Fans through NFT’d autographs.
Hashink is a platform to allow celebrities to sign digital autographs as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Roadmap & Features: https://github.com/HashInk/docs/blob/main/README.md

Why is this project important for the NFT scene?
We believe Hashink will allow for the onboarding of new (non Ethereum initiated) users into the space by giving them a general purpose application that appeals to many.
This can possibly expand the visibility and accessibility of NFT’s all the while creating royalties for middle class actors who are in desperate need of additional revenue to allow them to continue pursuing their passion. These celebrities have a voice and a large audience and they will be helping us achieve mainstream adoption of Ethereum.

How we would benefit and use the funds from the DAO?
We would use the funds to help onboard stars who have no prior experience with ETH and NFT’s. We would educate them about the market, and then help them set up accounts and walk them through the process.
Relevent Link: hashink.app
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Hi everyone, Hashink team here.
Thanks for your time last week.

Feel free to ask any questions about the funding proposal.


I am wondering: what would be the difference with “Autograph”, the NFT company created by Tom Brady which seems to be doing something very similar?

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Hi @dievardump, great question.

The main differences are hard to know, because the information they’ve released is very basic at this point, but we would argue that our end solution would be much, much more decentralized than theirs. We’re looking to create a solution that actually empowers individuals through ethereum technology and gives full NFT ownership of their assets to users.

There are several go-to market differences we think will be present, as well. For instance, we want to focus middle class stars that will actually benefit in a meaningful way from the additional income this product might provide them. Whereas, from what we can tell, they want to focus on A-list athletes/actors that won’t really see the need to use an dapp like this.

All in all, they will actually have to launch at some point to know what the actual differences are.

One thing to note though; we were first. Although they announced with big names associated with it, and made it sound like theirs is the first solution. They can never take this from us; we were here first.

Great project, loved it since I saw you on the ETHGlobal stream !!

I just had a few questions about the celeb onboarding and verification.

  • How do you plan to verify them ? With their social accounts ?
  • About the celeb onboarding, do you plan to produce tutorials, FAQ… or it’s more a 1:1 dedicated onboarding experience ?
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Thank you very much @agraignic! We really appreciate your support, and thanks for checking us out at the EthGlobal stream and asking us questions. This entire project is about community so your input is extremely valuable.
To answer your questions:

  1. We plan on initially verifying celebs a couple ways. We plan on having them give us either a video personalized shoutout and or a voice shout out which we will put next to the autographs for verification. The other way we’ll be verifying them is via twitter SSO. If they are a large celeb they should have a blue check market verification, and if they’re not too large, then we can see how many fans they have and check out their posts.
  2. Initially for onboarding it’s a 1 on 1 personal connection to a celeb or via a friend of a friend intro. We will also utilize talent agencies, entertainment attorneys, entertainment managers and influencer agencies as a source for their clients. Then, we will be looking to create tutorials for teaching celebs about NFT’s, crypto, metamasks and the entire ecosystem. We’re hoping that word of mouth from positive celeb experiences will also help us grow organically.

Your answers are really clear and advanced to me, can’t wait to see it live !

I can also help you for the twitter SSO part if you need :slight_smile:

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I’m fairly certain Hashink had the idea before brady even knew what an NFT was (i may be wrong, and its also possible i’m a little biased). While of course I’m personally not certain, were I to guess, brady’s “NFT company” will very likely be yet another ridiculously priced whale game that has no interest in the NFT community / culture / history / etc. and won’t be accessible to 95% of collectors.

Also, I bet he stole the idea. shrug he cheats in the NFL, why not cheat in NFT

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