05/21/21 - Haus DAO Community Rewards Proposal


Paying out Bounties directly from UberHaus is unsustainable, as the coordination to continuously pay out individual contributors is high and paired with a long voting period, slows down the process for contributors to get rewarded.

We propose UberHaus supply HausDAO product team because:

  • The product team has deepest awareness of value created and thus can most quickly verify (lowest coordination cost)
  • The product team can coordinate directly to distribute the HAUS more quickly to the contributor

We should fund HausDAO to pay for community rewards, to incentivize community members such as:

  1. Bug Hunters
  2. Active Contributors
  3. Discord moderators/contributors

HausDAO will pay value to these contributors in HAUS on a case by case basis. There will be two types of incentivization schema

  1. Members with shares in Haus DAO can propose to “tip” non-members who contribute through discord | forums | meetings | social media engagement | etc.
  2. Active contributors & bug hunters can make proposals requesting funding for certain work that they haven’t yet started but would like to begin.


HausDAO is requesting 50-100 HAUS per month to reward contributors of various types, outlined above :point_up_2:

This proposal is subject to change, so please keep your eyes peeled for any updates in the forum!



This is great and will reduce the overhead on uberhaus governance. Instead of every 5 haus proposal going through the full 3 week delegate voting processes this will set up a ‘stream’ to the core daohaus team dao, which is on the front lines with community. It gives them sovereignty to manage and distribute these funds how they see fit to create community rewards and incentives.

Seemed we had pretty strong signal to create some mechanic like this to reduce the overall uberhaus proposals.

I would actually suggest we do 200 HAUS/mo though because these will be used for all types of rewards.


UberHaus Proposal --> Haus DAO Community Rewards Proposal