18: Funding Proposal - Pay out a small bug hunter reward for fixing HeroDAO Front End on DAOHaus

18: Funding Proposal - Pay out a small bug hunter reward for fixing HeroDAO Front End on DAOHaus

Someone made a funding proposal for 0.000001 xdai in Hero DAO. Because of a bug parsing units the entire daohaus front end was broken & all our proposals. This could have been used to DOS ever dao on the site, until the bug hunter found and fixed the issue.

On behalf of Hero DAO, we respectfully request a small prize for the fixer for making improvements to DAOhaus, finding the bug, & squashing the bug.
Relevent Link: discord.com/channels/709210493549674598/735524730328711188/841795062920904714
Applicant: 0x7e225a2a269f7af1c884b20f2ba30e8c6573edff
Shares: 0
Loot: 0
Tribute Offered: 0
Payment Requested: 5


I definitely support bug bounties - especially for something like this

Before voting, I have a couple questions in this particular case:

  • How did you land on the requested amount of 5 HAUS. I’m not saying its too low or too high, but I think some basic rationale would be helpful. Especially to set a good precedent for future bug bounty or similar types of proposals.

  • Are the funds in this proposal coming out of the main bank (and thus diluting all member DAO’s share value by a bit) or from the minion treasury? How should we be thinking about the best source for these types of funds?


Also def support bug bounty request. I feel like paying out bug bounties from UberHaus directly is unsustainable, simply based on the coordination required to validate each one. As an alternate proposal, would it make more sense for UberHaus to supply product team with some HAUS that it can distribute to these types of valuable contributions?

The benefits, as i see them, would be:

  • product team has deepest awareness of value created and thus can most quickly verify (lowest coordination cost)
  • product team can coordinate directly to distribute the HAUS more quickly to the contributor

Love this. We have a huge need for being able to fund bug bounties from the product side. Both general bug hunting in contracts and ui bugs we’ve identified and spec’d a bit that community members can pick up and squash.

A Bug bounty dao would be fun. The exterminators.

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I also think it would make the most sense to allot funds towards either a dedicated ‘Exterminator’ DAO or product-team multisig which can handle these going into the future.

Going for a yes vote, thanks for finding the bug!

Yeah i think it is great we should reward rat killers :slight_smile:

HausDao Votes yes

but in the future i think hausDAO should handle this directly. This would avoid the long governance period of uberhaus for these small payout and let the core dev team handle review of proposals.

I think we will make a proposal to get a slush fund of haus for Developer community rewards and these types of things.

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