YAP DAO Fourth Engagement with DAOhaus

YAP DAO to DAOhaus

Fourth Proposal for work

YAP DAOs third proposal offered 3 PR KPI’s in return for a payment of 12K xDAI.

These 3 KPI’s included:

  1. Moloch V3 announcement which was brought to PubDAO/Decrypt as an exclusive, and syndicated across other sites, and translated to Chinese during ETHDenver

  2. Video interview with Decrypt during ETHDenver

  3. OpEd on Web3 crowdfunding in The Defiant

  • Secured, piece with editor to be published
  1. Interview and commentary included in this Decrypt piece on Web3 communities
  1. Interview with Jason Nelson of Decrypt on DAO tooling + Demo
  • Release date TBD
  1. Introduction to WIRED magazine, with a Spencer mention in this piece
  2. Placement on Crypto101 Podcast
  3. Placement on Crypto Sapiens Podcast (interview date TBD)
  4. Coordinating application materials for the CMC virtual conference (to be submitted)

Proposal: YAP DAO is proposing another 3 PR KPIs in return for a payment of 12K of xDai, to be coordinated through Warcamp, to continue providing PR services for the DAOhaus platform.

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Address for payment (DAOhaus minion in YAP DAO): 0x0949b2ed7beb82ce877e4d04f888f3ef867480df

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On-chain proposal: YAP DAO Funding Proposal #4