Yalor Representing WhalerDAO

Hello fellow sailors of the decentral-seas !

Iā€™m Yalor the Sailor, also Yalor the Whaler here to represent WhalerDAO Fighting DeFi whales to save the world :man_factory_worker: :world_map: :whale:

I am a full-time community builder in the DAO space, with links to MetaCartel, RaidGuild, MetaGammaDelta, and now Gitcoin. I am Looking forward to getting more involved, and learning more about cheivmint through that involvement !


Arg Matey! You are good to go. put in a member proposals. harpoons away!
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Ye prop be live ser https://xdai.pokemol.com/dao/0xc71cf78d98dcd155559b9bf77a6b5cde44b7d881/proposal/20

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