xDAI Faucet Proposal

xDAI Faucet for anyone needing some xDAI to onboard and try out the network.

Current beta deployed on: https://xdai-faucet.top/

For 500$ in STAKE

Further improvements include API to make it easy on app developers to onboard new users to the network and possibly a plugin to make that integration a breeze.


Awesome work here! Making it easy for anyone to get started.

Yes, this is a great thing that has been on our list. Solid work so far. Give it a few days for the members to review and we’ll ask you to get a proposal on-chain.

Proposal on chain and sponsored https://xdai.pokemol.com/dao/0x97ace434171c7eb426548afc4af188a3c973a38d/proposal/22 good work @luigy

this is great, getting some nice projects in the first round of funding