Welcome to the Q4 MolochDAO Grant Round!

MolochDAO Grant Pipeline Procedures


New MolochDAO Handbook (WIP)

The following information, along with a comprehensive overview of DAO vision and procedures, can be found in our brand new v2 handbook. Please ping @traviswyche#2116 on Discord for changes or suggestions.

Schedule for the Q4 Pipeline

November 1st: Exploration Phase - Applications are open!

  • Application Template:

Project Title
Product Features
Differentiation (from other projects)
Grant Request $
What the Funds Are For
Help Requested
Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

  • Application should be posted as a new topic on this Discourse forum to facilitate public debate
  • Internal member conversation will happen in the dedicated #proposal-discussion Discord channel (members only)
  • ReallyBoringGuild (RBG) will encourage MolochDAO members to submit applications on the forum and to scrutinize other applications posted there.
  • RBG will not be submitting proposals on behalf of DAO members.

November 15th: Scrutiny Phase - Criticize!

  • Members are encouraged to provide feedback on their preferred proposals in the Discourse forum (public) and #proposal-discussion Discord channel (members only).
  • RBG will relay this information to the projects to help strengthen their proposal and schedule town hall meetings with the projects if desired.
  • RBG will create polls for the strongest proposals to secure sentiment from members. This will occur in the #proposal-discussion Discord channel.
  • Weak or undesirable projects will be removed from consideration at this time. “Bad fit” projects will be notified.

November 29th: Submission Phase - Proposals Go On-Chain!

  • Projects that have gathered positive sentiment from the DAO will be invited to submit their proposal on-chain through the DAOhaus portal.
  • Note: v2 Moloch DAOs allow anyone to submit a proposal, not restricted to members. 12 proposals can be submitted per day. Proposals should not be sponsored at this time.

December 3rd: Deadline for Submitting Proposals

December 6th: Sponsorship and Voting Phase

  • DAO members that have expressed interest in championing specific projects will be reminded by RBG to sponsor the proposal at a sponsorship price of 1 WETH. There is no processing reward on the v2 DAO, so 100% of these funds will be returned after the grace period and gas fees will be reimbursed from the RBG budget. (Members, please keep your txn records!)
  • Sponsorship will occur at a MolochDAO member meeting (aka sponsorship party!) scheduled for Monday December 6th to ensure they are opened to voting at the same time.
  • The voting period is 7 days.

December 13th: Results and Grace Period

  • All voting should be complete at this time, with some latency due to staggered sponsorship. We will know the results of proposals.
  • RBG will notify MolochDAO members of their opportunity to Ragequit during the 7 day grace period.
  • RBG will notify successful applicants of their success and begin the onboarding process!
Onboarding Process
  • Blast the grant announcements on MolochDAO social channels! Twitter, blog post on website, etc.
  • Extend new MolochDAO handbook
  • Invite to MolochDAO Discord server and update role to “member”
  • Invite to reoccurring DAO meetings: RBG ops sync, Friday cocktail hour
  • Invite to an orientation meeting for new grantees: Friday December 17th
  • Encourage grantees to keep some of their shares and continue contributing to MolochDAO!

December 20th: Proposals are Processed! End of the Pipeline

  • RBG (or any DAO member) can process proposals to make the results official.
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