Web 3 Warri Ladies International women's day

Project name- Web 3 Warri Ladies International women’s day

The event will spotlight the importance of diversity and inclusion, bringing together women and other under-represented groups for a day of Web 3 talks, learnings, drinks, food and networking.

Vision - To get as many women as possible to get into web3 and those already in tech to transition into web3.

Problem - under representation of women in technology in Warri Nigeria

Solution/Product- use the International women’s day celebration to introduce and get as many women as possible into web3.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far- Started the web3 Warri community recently and I have hosted the first meet-up introducing Graph protocol with a record attendance of 15 persons. and that is a significant progress for a community that is being introduced to web3.

a. Martha Omoerherhe Freeborn, co-organizer and lead Web3 Warri Nigeria - Martha is an online instructor, a women tech makers ambassador and an advocate for the inclusion of women. and under-represented folks in the tech community. She recently transitioned into the Web3 space, learning about blockchain technology, and decentralized finance.

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b. Charles Freeborn: frontend developer and technical writer. Charles is a technical writer with four years plus of experience. He has a strong background in Computer Science and Front-end web development. He is focused on Web3, a transition he made in 2021 when he joined Protocol Labs as a technical content strategist, helping the team with IPFS, and Filecoin.

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Grant Amount Requested- 1,700 USD

What it will be used for?

Venue $500.00
Refreshment $750.00
Media (Video, Photos, Sound, and projectors) $250.00
Internet $50.00
Signage $150.00

The contents for the IWD 2023 is a beginner and introductory contents focused on
a. What is blockchain technology?
b. The Web3 movement - what it is, why web3 and the philosophy/core principles behind web3 - decentralization, permissionless, trustless, tokenomics (native payments using cryptocurrency)
c. The protocols and networks driving the web3 movement. (Here we will introduce some of the key protocols like Ethereum, IPFS, The Graph, uniswap, etc
d. Smart contracts - getting started as a smart contract developer. What you need to know
e. An introduction to DeFi

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program- Ethereum foundation

You might consider applying for an ETHos grant as well ETHos | MetaCartel.org.

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