Warcamp $HAUS Request from UberHaus


  • Warcamp is moving to a new contributor compensation program that will enable more long term commitment to and alignment among contributors and DAOhaus
  • Warcamp is requesting 30,000 HAUS to facilitate the HAUS portion of that compensation program for the next 6 months


Warcamp – the UberHaus member DAO comprised of the core contributors to DAOhaus – recently passed a proposal to revamp the way we compensate contributors.

For the past year, we’ve offered a single path for compensation: retroactive payment. At the end of each month, contributors describe the work they did and make a request to the appropriate circle DAO (Magesmiths, Rangers, Alchemists, and Paladins) for the payment they think they deserve. The circle DAOs then approve those requests via DAO proposals.

This approached has worked quite well, but it leaves a few things wanting. It does not:

  1. incentivize contributors to commit to DAOhaus
  2. give contributors any options for how to engage with DAOhaus (some contributors want to make more of a consistent commitment!)
  3. sufficiently align contributor incentives with DAOhaus (especially for new contributors)

With this in mind, we’re adding a new commitment compensation track. In addition to retroactive payment, contributors also have the option to commit to DAOhaus and receive consistent payment. This payment is a (flexible) mix of DAI and HAUS, the latter of which creates the kind of long term contributor alignment that will ensure support for DAOhaus well into the future.

See the detailed proposal here (read the whole thread for full context), and the passed on-chain signaling proposal in the Warcamp DAO here.


In order to support the HAUS portion of this compensation program for the next 6 months, Warcamp needs more HAUS. Therefore, we are requesting 30,000 HAUS into the Warcamp DAO, which represents 3% of the total HAUS supply and ~5% of the UberHaus treasury.

  • This number is on the high end of our estimates for what we’ll need, which will vary based on the USD price of HAUS, how many contributors select the commitment comp track, and how much HAUS they choose to receive.
  • If we have HAUS left over after 6 months, Warcamp will either make a new proposal for how to use it or return it to UberHaus.