UberHaus Origins Proposal

UberHaus Origins Proposal

This outlines an idea that has been discussed in recent UH delegate and UberPaladin meetings. There are certainly missing pieces and mechanics that should be hashed out. This is my first proposal/initiative so any/all feedback for improvement would be much appreciated! :pray:t4:


UberHaus proclaims to be the DAO of DAOs, but what does this mean exactly? What is the unique uber vision of the federated DAO ecosystem that this community wishes to put forth? Does the community understand why UberHaus was summoned, who participates in its activities, and what the DAO seeks to accomplish? What do DAO delegates wish to manifest through these coordination efforts?

While diverging on the development of internal branding and market strategies, we discussed that it would be best to hear from the DAO delegates themselves and let them determine the lore/narrative/mythos of the most Uber of Hauses.

Problem: UberHaus Must Articulate It’s Own Purpose

  • It’s hard for new DAOs to figure out where they fit in while onboarding to the DAOhaus platform
  • Current delegates and haus builders have invaluable advice, but no easy way to share it
  • There’s a disparity between UH’s internal idealistic conversations and it’s external comm’s. There’s a wealth of eclectic and down-to-earth personalities within the DAO and we want to shine a light on the inclusive human-elements of the DAO

Solution: UH Delegate Interview Marketing Machine

  • Create a working group that can schedule, interview, transcribe, and publish interviews with UH delegates. This helps them share their advice, DAO story, hopes/desires for UH & unique contributions to the community.
  • Reduce that barrier to entry and help newcomers, especially those with less traditional paths or experiences, feel welcome within the haus.
  • Spread the gospel of righteous DH tooling and the UH federation to imbibe a strong sense of internal cohesion and community


  • Interviews with UH delegates, uncovering their DAOs identity/purpose and illuminating their onboarding experiences to DAOhaus (see questions below)
  • A new appendage to the website (see MVP of a similar RG Origin Stories project [https://raidguild-origins.vercel.app/]
  • An internal repository of interviews that might be referenced by members interested in synthesizing the research for internal ops, applying to external client applications, or simply clarifying the evolving vision of UH
  • High-quality marketing content to broadcast on UH social channels

Methodology Overview

  • Gather interviewees, provide an introduction to the project, schedule meetings, manage contributors. The early iterations standardize best practices for future contributors to follow so it stays decentralized.
  • The rough transcription is edited, polished, delivered in markup for easy integration.
  • Designer creates MVP, integrates UH design system. Role is complete after delivering MVP?
  • Dev integrates into the existing UH website. Role is complete after CMS is setup?
  • Marketing-minded contributor extends the material to other outlets (social media, podcasts, DH/UH newsletter, etc.)

Interview Questions

Initial Questions for Delegates

  • Introduction to your DAO.
  • What is your role in your DAO?
  • Are you a member of any other DAOs?
  • What constitutes a healthy DAO?
  • How would you describe trust and loyalty transpiring in DAOs?
  • What does the future of coordination look like?
  • What does UberHaus – the DAO of DAOs - mean to you?
  • Does your DAO have any announcements, goals or milestones our UberHaus community should know about?
  • Conclusion + DAO Contact Details

Supplemental/Expanded Interview Content

  • What is a federation of DAOs?
  • How does UberHaus differ from other federations of DAOs?
  • How should we evaluate community health and happiness? What metrics might we draw upon?
  • What should be the goal of UberHaus? What do you think the future priorities of UberHaus should be?
  • What is the purpose or value that your DAO brings to the community?

I propose that these questions are crowdsourced from the UH community and that they remain a living document, shifting dynamically as the DAO continues to articulate its brand and agenda.

Contributors: UberPaladins or RaidGuild?

  • Originally was going to be Travis, Zayi, and Nick conducting the interviews
  • We might source a designer (Felipe?) and dev (JP?) internally
  • Scope has now expanded so we might consider outsourcing the entire project to RaidGuild

Keeping it in-haus…


Schedule & Budget (very open to discussion and guidance)

  • $5000 (??) one-time payment for MVP (3 interviews, illustrations, front end design, dev, foundational coordination)
  • $1000 (??) per delivered interview live on the UH site
  • 2-4 interviews per month, pending ongoing approval of UberPaladins, billed on a monthly basis
  • I would appreciate some consult on the economics of the proposal, DAO tools to decentralize compensation distributions and provide transparency, etc., from someone that knows better than this noob :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wow. Travis, thanks for putting this together. This is really great and very thorough.

This is so much more involved than I initially envisioned. I would have totally bootstrapped this thing and started pumping out content. This is really advanced.

In re: Supplemental/Expanded Interview Content

Are there other federations of DAO’s? Similar in effect to UH?

If so, it would be helpful for me to go take a look at how other federations are working.

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On the notion of DAO federation, Panvala is often cited. Both Dekan and Niran recently gave presentations on this idea to the How to DAO course. Good question! Are there other federations of DAOs? Might UberHaus fund a research initiative to investigate and compare these efforts? I would love to explore this further with you.

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re: Budget
I have been haunted all week by how I put this budget together. I attended a meeting of the RG Origin Stories group this morning and we came up with this revised budget, which might serve as a better model for this project (I hope you will agree and/or comment)

$15,000 one-time retroactive payment for MVP (ideation, 5 interviews, dynamic illustration repo, front end design, development, foundational coordination), amounting to $75/hr per contributor, broken down in this manner:

  • Interview/transcription: 3 contributors x 3 hrs/interview x 5 interviews = 45hrs/total = $3400
    - Design: 2 contributors x 32hrs/st = 64hrs/total = $4800
    - Development: 3 contributors x 24hrs/st = 72hrs/total = $5400
    - Cleric/Monk: 10% of total = $1400
    - MVP total for 5 interviews: $15,000
    Ongoing Interviews:
    - Interview/transcription: 3 contributors x 3hrs/interview = 9hrs/total = $675
    - Design: 1 contributor x 8hrs/illustration = $600
    - Development: 1 contributor x 3hrs/interview = $225
    - Cleric/Monk: 10% of total =
    - Per Interview Total: $1650
  • 1-4 interviews per month, depending on positive reception, billed on a monthly basis
  • Compensation in the following breakdown:
    • 20% RaidGuild membership shares to contributors
    • 20% $raid token
    • 60% stablecoin

This last point about the 20/20/60 split may not apply to the UH project, but I include it for our consideration because I feel it shows that the raid party desires to keep skin in the game and this is not a cash grab. How might this be adapted to UH? 🤷🏽


Looking over this budget I do not see where a budget increase could be made, but I do think that the interviews might be shortened to minimize time sink for transcribers as well as interviewees and the interviewers, also reducing cost.

Do we have content we can use to supplement or reduce the amount of time spent interviewing delegates?

  • Per Interview Total: $1650

This feels like a reasonable amount if we can make an argument for how we will recapture this value down the line by retaining new users or delegates to UberHaus

  • Development: 3 contributors x 24hrs/st = 72hrs/total = $5400

I feel like we could get this down a bit, but maybe I am incorrect. Would like to discuss more what we are looking at as a final product, if RIP Origin Stories is the deliverable, then I think we could get this down to ~1.5k.

Overall, I am in support of the budget outlined. I think a case can be made to increase or reduce the budget depending on build reqs, content availability, etc.