Uber Haus Index revenue proposal

The UberHAUS is supposed to be the DAO of DAOs, but it does not generate any revenue for itself.


The uberhaus’s success does not become the DAOs that make it up’s success. When the DAOs succeed, that does not become the success of the uberhaus. Something is wrong here.

UberHaus should generate revenue, with the goal of not being rent seeking, but rather sustainable.


  1. Moloch V3 will add tradable loot shares to DAOs. Fantastic!
  2. The UberHaus should create an index token of the DAO Loot with the most growth opportunity and product market fit, as determined/governed by HAUS holders
  3. The index token will have a very small fee (I propose .75%) for redeeming or minting, which goes into uberhaus treasury

Now HAUS token has potential for generating real revenue at no cost extra to the users.

Example of Success

Index Coop (https://indexcoop.com/) maintains a token called DPI (defi pulse index), MI (metaverse index), along with several others. These tokens are indexes that Index Coop maintains weights for, and in turn, earns some fees for maintaining.

Let’d learn from what is succeeding. moloch v3 gives us some new powerful tools, this is a low hanging fruit to leveraging them.

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