The planet of Ni'Var wishes to become a share holding member

My name is Tuvak, personally I have served many years for the greater good by exploring the universe and going where no one has gone before. My record speaks for itself, with accomplishments in diplomacy and combat. I come here now to represent my peoples and to help usher in a new era of coordination across the planets and collaboration to a new more logical future.

Vulcans have been a warp capable species for many generations. it is only logical to allow the planet Ni’Var to join the Federation.

You will know us by our strict adherence to logic and reason as well as our remarkable stoicism.

We have already yeeted in 500 SPICE and would like to convert 100% of that into Shares.

A vote for Tuvak is a vote for logic.

My DAOs Minion address is 0x6d79d657ad5bcb406665b424da0fcdb5c7f77cc6