The Occasional Treasury Refill


Bring HAUS in the UberHaus treasury to parity with the outstanding shares of sub-DAOS.


The launch of UberHaus created a DAO of DAOs where the shares represented HAUS staked in the UberHaus DAO. Member DAOs have delegates who vote on behalf of their DAO and at any time they want to withdraw some of their HAUS stake they have to ragequit some of their shares. It is up to the delegates to keep the treasury at parity with the number of shares to keep this ragequit to “1 share = 1 HAUS” by moving from the uncirculating supply.


This will need to happen occasionally as proposals draw from the treasury. At this time there is 20,472.3141 HAUS in the treasury and 62,895 member shares. 42,422.6859 HAUS is required to bring about parity between UberHaus shares and HAUS in the treasury.

I propose that we transfer this from the uncirculating supply and try to maintain parity for a period of time before making any drastic changes. This will fulfill this obligation as stated in the medium post and be sufficient to allow DAOs to decide whether their stake should remain or whether they should hold HAUS directly.


There isn’t any urgency to this proposal, and open discussion should take place before the proposal is put on-chain. The main piece of timing is that a sufficient parity period should exist after this proposal passes before any significant funding proposals return the treasury to below the state of 1:1.

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