The freedom,retreats and crypto island

Project Title

Build in an island a village to life there in an autonomus way, also for people that do not want to life there but want to go for retreats and base in crypto economy,also crypto education/retreats

Build a community outside goverments where everybody is the same and everyone gives to the community what they are able to do for it, base in the trueque from many years ago and get finances from people who want to go for a retreat holidays that pay in crypto.

We can see that Goverments can cut our freedom as they want and we do want to build a community based on the equality of people


For that we want to be free in a desert island that we will buy and build the houses ourselves

Product Features

Island in the pacific or indic sea where now is nothing and start building the community



We want to start when we have enough finance to buy the island,people that put money will have a % of the place,depends in how much they give,they get more or less %of the propèrty

Differentiation (from other projects)

I did not see any proyect focus in healthy, yoga, economic freedom…proyect


We are 3 in the team:Rosa,Marc and Aura but anyone is welcome to join the team

Grant Request $

600.000$ to buy the island

What the Funds Are For

to buy the island

Help Requested

Anyone is welcome to join

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