Status Update GAO Week 8: Waiting for Godot


There’s not a lot to report on this week. Memberships are now closed and I’m spending the majority of my time working on DEX improvements and getting up to speed on Solana/Anchor scripting and program development so that we can plan out the Solana migration. ATLAS and POLIS rallied this week along with everything in the META-verse, but it didn’t have a huge effect on total NAV. Everything’s pretty flat, which is fine with me. On the upside we seem to have a target date of mid-November for the SCORES gameplay, which means we’ll finally be able to start earning yield on our ship assets.

Other than that, I don’t have a whole lot to say. I’m doing what I can while we wait for the Atlas team to deliver.

Until next week…
Long live the IA!
BCM | SAIADao Launch Control


Our first month was better than I imagined it would be. I’m not going to go into the numbers here right now, but we will be waiting until after Christmas to settle the accounting and distribute funds to the dao treasury.

Yesterday we added a POLIS/ATLAS market. We’re hoping to generate some sort of arbitrage opportunity and create trade volume by offering a direct path to swap between the two tokens that doesn’t require an intermediate step to USDC. We’re in competition with the AMMs and their staking APY, so it remains to be seen whether we can attract liquidity to the market or whether we’ll be the primary market maker on it. Right now I’m harvesting our Orca farms and putting the proceeds up there, but we may need to reconsider withdrawing from the Raydium and Orca pools to provide liquidity.


Development continues. Right now I’m working out some scripts to setup the requisites, it’s mostly research into the various market and AMMs available, figuring out how we want to do it. I have not looked at the numbers following the rebase, and will probably refrain from that until all pending membership proposals have been completed. I’m hoping to have some sort of basic script that will allow us to send tokens to user wallets, and then we’ll work backward to figure out what we want to automate via a program.



  • SOL: We converted most of our SOL tokens (10.348) to Marinade.Finance’s staked product, mSOL.
  • USDC Farming: We’re waiting till tomorrow to see what ships are being released, and if the C11 is not on the list then we will deploy our cash reserves to one or more pools.
  • No ATLAS/POLIS DCA this week, given that we will need cash for the C11 and we don’t know what the price will be yet. For this week’s Orca harvest, we sold the ATLAS tokens and used the proceeds to stake the POLIS. For the next couple days, I’ll be harvesting the rewards and posting orders on the new POLIS/ATLAS market.
  • (an asset lending platform) has higher APY for Orca tokens than Orca’s native pool, so we’ve moved our liquidity ($200) there, along with about $40 in RAY tokens that weren’t staked.


SAIAdao is officially closed for new membership proposals. The next opportunity to join will be when liquidity is released on Solana mainnet.

As of Today, Nov 1, DaoHaus shows 146 active members, 363,721 shares and 267,020 loot. We have two pending membership proposals with an additional 203 shares, 1013 loot giving us a total of 631957 total claims an increase of 0.10% over last week.


  • $93338.77 in token balances and open USDC orders.
  • $36557.64 in Orca Double Dip pools and Tulip Yield Aggregation Vaults
  • $218515.3004 in NFTs

…for a total of $348411.7104, a 1.55% increase since last week.

This week’s estimated exit value for all Daohaus claims is 0.551321863 , a 1.45% increase over last week.

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Thanks your great work as always!

A few ideas and questions here:

  1. Our SAIA DEX actually is same as Star Atlas marketplace, right?
    Then what is the advantage to use our SAIA DEX?
  2. Not sure you guys know about this website:

I think their UI is nice and maybe we can partner with them? to have our DEX included as hyperlink over there.

Someone just referenced the Aephia site not an hour ago to me. I might be able to entice them with a referral link or something… we’ll see.

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