Status Update GAO Week 14: Anticipation

Well, this is it, the week we’ve been waiting for. Less than 48 hours to go and we will have a brand new C11 in the SAIA.sol wallet. And Thursday, the mini-game launches. Can you feel the excitement?

As of this moment, we have enough ATLAS on hand to complete the purchase of the C11. Even assuming a huge correction in the ATLAS price, we’re good, as I have two additional orders to put in today and tomorrow before I’ve completed converting all of our cash on hand to ATLAS.

Once the C11 is secure, I plan on using what’s left of our ATLAS tokens to buy up other ships. I’m not particularly interested in any of the other ships that are coming out. Based on how the mini-game will operate, our best play is to accumulate as many ships as possible, based on their discount from VWAP. I’ll probably favor the more expensive ships, so that we’re not burdened by a huge number of smaller ones. It won’t make much difference at this stage of SCORE, but once the gameplay becomes a bit more complicated it may become unmanageable.

Please join me tomorrow in Discord for the C11 purchase.


Conversion of USDC reserves to ATLAS has been going on since last Thursday, about $12k a day. Two more orders to go.


  • $104445.21 in token balances.
  • $20,828.46 in Orca Double Dip pools and Tulip Yield Aggregation Vaults.
  • $294,884.9277 in NFTs

for a total of $420,158.5977 in NAV. This week’s estimated exit value for all Daohaus claims is 0.664853143, a 5.31% increase for the week.

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