Status Update GAO Week 13

Good morning, we have a pretty big update this week.

First up on the docket this morning for anyone that isn’t aware, I have officially joined the Star Atlas team!! My official title is engineering project manager


Obviously my involvement with SAIAdao is an important reason that I got there, and let me assure everyone that I will not be abandoning this project, far from it. There is what one might call a dual-relationship which will require some clarification, and I’ll be doing that over the coming weeks as things get decentralized. For the short term, I’ll be managing our assets for the minigame until we have a way to decentralize our farming for this early iteration of the game that is launching in eleven days.

I hope that we’ll be able to settle all of this in the next 90 days. Immediate plans include a token drop of SAIA tokens on devnet to test drive the spl-governance realm.


22 POLIS claimed from Orca, plus $160 USDC staked to Raydium via Tulip. $16 worth of Orca staked on Apricot.


  • $32,449.38 in token balances and open USDC orders.
  • $99,187.95 in Orca Double Dip pools and Tulip Yield Aggregation Vaults.
  • $267,309.9952 in NFTs

for a total of $398,947.3252 in NAV. This week’s estimated exit value for all Daohaus claims is 0.631288719, a 5.93% decrease for the week.

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Congratulations ! !
Long live the SAIA Dao!