Status Update GAO Week 11

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the States, and my kids have the entire week off, so you can imagine how my week is going. This week’s update is late b/c I have been working on Solana governance stuff, so let’s get right into that and then this week’s numbers.


I’ve been getting reports that the DEX is still getting blocked by some Microsoft products, Twitter is as well. I’ve run the site through every blacklist check that I could find and it looks clean. PhishTank reverted to ‘phish’, so I just Tweeted at Talos to see WTF is going on.


I’ve spent the past week or two in the spl-governance discord. I’ve stood up localnet versions of it and the new Mango UI to figure out what it can do, and I’ve deployed a devnet realm that we can begin experimenting with this week.

Before we can do that, we need member Solana addresses. Quen has graciously taken on that task, and has put out directions on how to create a signaling proposal on DaoHaus so that we can associate ETH and SOL addresses. We are are of a 1559 error that seems to be affecting Trezor users, DM Quen if you are one of those and we’ll have an alternate way to provide wallet ownership.

I’ll begin airdropping tokens later this week and will allow everyone to begin testing. Based on my initial discoveries, the spl-governance program will allow us to move management of multisigs, mints, and even Serum and Raydium operations under decentralized control. (YAY!)


No trades this week. I farmed about $400 in POLIS rewards out of the Orca pool Sunday, and added $800 in POLIS/USDC to Raydim -> Tulip.Garden. $40 in ORCA token rewards were put in Apricot.


The final numbers for Daohaus membership is 148 members, 363, 924 shares and 268,033 loot, for a total of 631,957 claims on bank. I will be running these numbers through the rebase program and publishing a final tally of member voting and exit power, which will be used to determine the token allocations.


  • $33,241.90 in token balances and open USDC orders.
  • $112916.36 in Orca Double Dip pools and Tulip Yield Aggregation Vaults
  • $254072.9429 in NFTs

for a total of $400231.2029 in NAV. This week’s estimated exit value for all Daohaus claims is 0.63332031, a 2.7% increase for the week.

I will get adjusted claim numbers for next week’s update.