Spell I, Statement of our Community Covenant

Dear Warlocks,

I shall start this Statement with nothing less than our Community Covenant. It itself will explain why the former sentence is stated in such an imperative manner and will cover how our community thinks, but not operates. In essence, the following is immutable, but our rules will be mutable;

We as Warlocks sign this pact to interact between our own and with others free of any possible form of harassment that one could impart on any other. We are not here to build hostilities that go beyond the scope of friendly or technological rivalries, so for those that do break this pact, they shall be voted out of our existence forever, with no possibility of ever returning.

We as Warlocks agree to dedicate ourselves together within the scope of this community to an abstract set of ideas that purposely deviate from the norm held upon by other cryptocurrency communities, which we shall hereby refer to as “Evil”.

This idea of “Evil” in and of itself requires no exact explanation, explaining it would limit what can be gained from the idea, but there are other ideas which it is composed of which can give a feeling for what we believe in. With no clear direction or purpose, and with no clear exact set of ideas we agree on, we instead seek to do whatever we like within the scope of this pact and that we feel aligns well with “Evil”.

As a decentralized community, the effective governing body of our community is the smart contract underlying it. Even though this Spell may be cast and the Covenant may be set in place for a time, anyone may propose a drastic shift from this direction. In fact, such a drastic shift could be proposed immediately due to the workings of the contract. But while the governing body of our community is the smart contract, the medium through which our community exists is the covenant, and this pact we are signing.

It is therefore obvious, that even if the smart contract of our DAO were to change, our community stays the same since it is abstractly only made of those that believe in this specific idea of “Evil” and upholding the pact.

For this reason, this spell will be cast at some point sooner or later, and we will cast it symbolically for the fun of it.

To give further insights on the concept of “Evil”;

Members of this community may or may not benefit from being financially part of it. There is no direct economic incentive in being part of this community. This community may use its treasury funds to simply burn them for fun. In fact, this community may become really anything.

Only if it respects the first paragraph!

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Signing the covenant

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