Spacevents Grant Application

Spacevents is a community driven project which aims to enable Web3 event creators to create, share and allow NFT based access to events all around the world. Our aim is to make a truly global events platform, with built-in NFT minting features, auto POAP collection and much more. Your Web3 wallet address is your identity, and we want to help you make your identity rich with features from the real world.


  • To provide an all in one platform that hosts all web 3-related events
  • To enable a community of Web3 enthusiasts through IRL interactions
  • To create more use case for POAPs and NFTs
  • To facilitate seamless Crypto adoption through effective User Experience
  • To help bridge Web3 access globally


  • No platform to create/list crypto/web3 events
  • No single pool for all web3 IRL and Virtual events
  • Limited information to most web3 events being hosted
  • No token gated events platform
  • People still have to rely on physical tickets for Web3 events
  • Unsure tickets verification


  • Platform to list/create Crypto/Web3 events
  • Provide an all in one cache for all web3 events
  • Have people sign up via their wallets
  • Search through for all web3 events in different locations
  • Safe and secure payment gateway


  1. Have people sign up via their wallets
  2. Check out with POAPs and NFTs
  3. Scan tickets on the platform
  4. Search through for all Web3 events in different locations
  5. Create events on the blockchain
  6. Search and filtering of different events based on parameters
  7. See current and past tickets
  8. Mint POAPs for people who attends events
  9. A dAPP to see all event tickets

The website is live for people to see all Web3 events happening globally.

We are the first completely decentralized event management platform. We complete transactions on the blockchain


  • LordRancho - Full Stack Developer
  • Israelrex.eth - Product Designer
  • Fiyin.eth - UX Designer
  • Jengajojo.eth - Governance Lead
  • ThinkDecade - Workstream Lead
  • Cisco - Art Director

Grant Request $
We are requesting $15,000 to fund the next milestone on our product roadmap


  1. Smart Contract Auditing
  2. Multi-chain Development
  3. Marketing
  4. Team Compensation

Getting this project out there, so events creators and attendees can know about this project. Also, we’d like to have you as a partner on our website.

Additional Resources
Discord: Spacevents