Solarmkd representing 1hive

Hi my name is Igor and I am active member and contributor on 1hive DAO, I am focused on marketing , social media channels and onboarding new users on 1hive and xdai in general , as a way to make crypto accessible for all people.

I love NFTS and i was looking for someone to build something like Achievmintry so we could get more artists on xdai and get some traction .

I would love to be here on behalf of 1hive community and help with NFT’s contest or any other way i can.

Recently I initiated on behalf of 1hive community an NFT’s contests and i am using it to also introduce Achievmintry on Twitter and Reddit, see the links bellow :

Hi, you are good to go. Make a member proposal in the dao

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Just did ! Thank you !