Set Initial Guild Share and Maintenance Split Percentages

The most crucial initial task that requires Guild input is to determine the initial percentages of splits from revenue for the Guild Share and Maintenance steams.

To define:

Guild Share is a stipend paid to all members of the Guild, regardless of individual project involvement, that constitutes a basic monthly income. This also additionally goes to compensate members who work on internal infrastructure and administration (project management, deal sourcing, etc).

Maintenance is to pay for gas costs and reimbursement, business costs, and for some coverage of the project sourcing compensation. This can also be activated for an insurance fund to compensate members on projects in the event of a client falling through or a similar force majeure situation.

Additionally, there are two proposed streams that would supplement these two options.

The first is an in-house development stream, for creating Zaibatsu-DAO owned projects, protocols, and tools. I anticipate there will be quite some time before this is truly useful or required, but can represent an investment in a non-client dependent income stream.

Secondly, is a dedicated business development and headhunter fund, that explicitly compensates members of those teams that source and negotiate deals in recognition of their time and effort to bring the business to Zaibatsu-DAO.

While we can vote on those separately if necessary, the current example split is that 90% of payments go directly to the Guild Member(s) assigned to the project and 5% each to the Guild Share and Maintenance funds.

In the interest of fairness and quorum, this vote is to determine if those initial shares are acceptable and to have discussion around alternatives.