RIP: Monster Maps


Monster Maps

Awaken your desire for adventure, explore the wild places of the world, build your own legendary story.

Monster Maps and Monsters are a generative, text based, NFT game that builds on Loot’s unique system of adventure gear and adds a crucial element — Monsters and their locations, drawn on unique, generative maps.

A derivitive of the LOOT and Maps Project nfts and works as an extension to the greater ecosystem of these projects that are forming.

Project Submitted By

  • Dekan Brown (member)
  • Sam Kuhlmann (member)
  • Amos (member)
  • LoLo (member)
  • Tae (member)
  • Earth2Travis (member)
  • JP (member)
  • Isaac (cohort)
  • Adrienne (cohort)


We had this idea on a Thursday night. On Friday morning a team was assembled, we mob hacked it and launched contracts to mainnet Friday afternoon.

along with the contracts we built the initial framework to bootstrap the community. medium articles, twitter acount and discord servers.

By Friday night the community was in full swing. the emergent nature of this project was creating a ton of amazing ideas.

By Monday night

  • an active discord
  • 6 quests and 2 narratives that build on collective story telling and emergent game design (blockchain DnD).
  • A front end built and ready to be deployed
  • a subgraph in the works
  • design system in the works
  • 2 daohaus sub daos have formed (the artists of the realm and the cartographers guild)
  • 20% of total supply of NFTs have already been minted, even with the crazy gas prices of late

Why should we build this?

It’s built :slight_smile: but we should continue building it.

  • It aligns perfectly with our culture and brand. strong initial engagement from a new community.
  • 500 of the total NFTs were set aside for a dev cut.
  • 33.3% of dev cut will be used for initial launch team and continued dev incentives
  • 66.6% will be given to the RaidGuild Dao to use for public good project incentives and funding.
  • This project is very open and has a ton of potentials and flexibility. It’s a great place to farm cohort ideas off and let people prove their steel.

Anything else you’d like to add?

some initial art



Raid Party Skills Needed

  • Design
  • Content
  • Full Stack Dev
  • Solidity
  • Community

Cost (in ETH)

3 weth

Cost to deploy was around 1.5 eth and then another .5 eth to minit first round of dev cut of nft.
1 weth to pay team