RFP Process and Rounds

RFP Process and Rounds

This is a temporary process and a work in progress. The goal is to get a simple process that will work going into the July cycle and can be iterated on every cycle.

  • Replaces the current compensation track model.
  • Starts in the last week of every cycle.
  • This first one will start with the selection round starting EOD Wednesday the 6th

Current monthly budget for RFPs $120,000
Max 70,000 DAI – approximately $70,000
Max 12,500 HAUS – approximately $50,000 in June TWAP HAUS price


This process is broken into several rounds and timeboxed to one week

  • Open Submission round (anytime during the cycle)
    • Importance Survey (Start)
    • RFP Submissions
    • Bid Submissions
  • Collate (final day of open submissions)
  • Day 1 Selection Round
  • Day 2 Negotiation Round
  • Day 3 Ratification Round

Open Submissions Round

Importance Survey

A new importance survey will go out to help inform the submission process. The results of this survey can be used to inform RFPs and strengthen the bids.

RFP submissions
  • Any member can submit a RFP, it should follow the template here and state which objectives from the importance survey the RFP tries to address.
  • RFPs are submitted to the forum and should follow the template
  • add a RFP number sequential to last submitted RFP (ex. RFP001, RFP002)
  • Discussion can happen on the forum, members/bidders can request clarifications or changes.
  • A RFP must have 2 hearts from members to be considered valid.

Bid Submissions

  • A bid can be submitted at any time as a reply to the OPs RFP.
  • A bid should address the Submission Requirements section of the RFP
  • A bid should have 2 hearts from members to be considered valid


RFPs and Bids moved to github issues

Selection Round

Token weighted choice, this is done off chain, initially just with a google form and a list of open bids. Each member gets 100 points to allocate

  • 1 day open ranking period
  • Results are normalized with members shares
  • Evaluate on importance to the DAO and ROI vs budget requested
  • Can not do the same number of points on multiple projects (ties are not what we are going for)

Negotiation Round

Time boxed period to smooth out any edge cases.

  • The top ranked bids that fit inside the budget are prioritized to move to on chain ratification.
  • Successful bids can negotiate with each other if there is overlap or shared resources
  • If there is a ranked bid that pushes the total over the budget then in this period is where the bidder can negotiate with the winners or lower its ask to make it in the budget.
  • Budgets on the winning RFPs can only stay the same or go down through negotiations.
  • In the case of gridlock on the proposal, the bid is closed and the budget is forwarded to next month

Ratification Round

Winning bids are moved to on-chain ratification and funds are dispersed.

  • proposal is required to pass as the ranking and negotiations was done off chain
  • All remaining bids are closed.
    • They can be reassessed and reopened by a current member in the next round if wanted.

========================Notes Below=======================================

Notes, future ideas and possible concerns

Future RFP Rounds

DAO emits an RFP for each of the categories as selected in the importance survey for the cycle
Future RFPs should be on github instead of discourse
Every RFP potentially fits in a category of similar objectives (see below)

RFP Categories *

* These numbers do not add up, because this is from some notes on the 3-6mo survey, with the product epoch prioritized for the next 2 months. the numbers are definitely confusing, but more of an example for future cycles and if we did 1 month importance surveys and used the results to help define RFPs

Potential categories and example survey ranking from the 3-6mo attention survey

Software 54% $55064
Ship DAOhaus V3
Ensure DAOhaus v2 runs smoothly

Ecosystem 12% $3,847
Strengthen our developer ecosystem
Build partnerships with external organizations
Incubate new DAOs

Strategy 14% $4,526
Set up DAOhaus governance for success
Ensure DAO operations run smoothly
Determine high level DAOhaus strategy

People 9% $3,039
Strengthen DAOhaus brand and awareness
Strengthen our user community
Contribute to DAO public goods

Funds 11% $3,524
Expand our current funding
Maintain our current funds

Bidding round

  • Concerns: What if 2 proposals overlap with each other or try to solve the same problem? Which has authority?


  • Concerns: general overhead on collating bids and creating a way to vote
    Getting multiple projects with the exact same score (does not help ranking to have ties)
    Could this be done onchain through a minion/bolton, might be able to avoid the ratification step? also could be a very nice bolton


  • Concerns: Who does this negotiation? Who formulates the final list?
    (or maybe it should be put into an open bounty fund?)
    Swap next ranked proposal if it does fit in the budget?

General Concerns:

  • Let’s say DAOhaus gets funds - right of first refusal goes to Proposals that were denied due to budget concerns.

    • prorated.
  • Writers are rarely paid on salary - put pay on bounties.

Clear & Fair

  • Whats the grounding for an RFP (where does it come from?)
  • What’s the approval process
  • What’s the negotiation process
  • What’s the finalization process

Keep it simple

  • Complexity provides a vector of attack
  • Council of top 3 Shareholders

Rounds & Adjustments

  • Adjusting commitment down
  • If 2 proposals cover same domain?
  • if budget changes


UI369 and Spencer