Retroactive Billing for Splainer Video #1

Retroactive Billing for ‘What is a DAO?’

Hey Everyone,

This is my first funding type post on Discourse, so please let me know if there’s any valuable information missing.

Just a heads up, because this sort of grew out of an internal DAOhaus project, the billing gets sort of messy. Here’s how we arrived at this price:


5,700 WXDAI to Splainer DAO treasury

Address on XDAI: 0xad80fbdb9c9652b5238dbd1dc4b4c7f7c364dba7

We took a good chunk off the price because there was stuff MageSmiths was already billed for + a general friends and family discount + it took longer to make this than it should have.

The Breakdown

Usually, a first video is pretty pricey because:

  • There would be a lot of research to write the script (not in this case, but worth mentioning)
  • Meetings after meetings to concept and establish tone. Essential to get a consistent character throughout each department of production.
  • New animation styles and workflows to match that new tone.

However, things are different in this case

  • Much of the concept work happened in DAOhaus with Ven helping out a lot
  • Adrienne had already billed MageSmiths for around 2,500 for this project.
  • We didn’t need to do research.

All considered, 9k is what would we thought would be a fair overall price, minus what Adrienne already billed for, minus a fee for taking forever, minus a DH ‘friends and family’ discount, we arrive at 5.5k + the VO KromNom had paid for out of pocket, which was 251 CAD, which rounds nicely to 200 USD at current rates.

9,000 total
(- 500 DH ‘friends & family’)
(- 500 Sloth tax)
(- 2, 500, billed already)
(+ 200 voiceover)

Rough Estimate For Future Episodes

Considering that the tone and style is established, future episodes will require far less pre-production. We have animation workflows now and can make better decisions about the cost/benefits of adding in certain elements.

We can expect the future cost to be around 7.5k for an episode of similar quality and length.

Perhaps more importantly, we know what it takes to make Splainers now. We’ve refined a workflow, and we’re starting to train apprentices (if anyone else is interested, let us know in our Discord), so turn-around times are going to be way faster as we get things in motion.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments.


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