Request for Feedback: MetaCartel DAO Research Grant

The DAO ecosystem is growing and continues to evolve. What we are building at Diamond DAO is key to driving sustainable growth/health in the overarching ecosystem. As such, I believe it is imperative to be aligned with those that can help us get from 0 to 1.

When thinking about going from 0 to 1, the concept of incremental advances resonated with me. “Grand visions inflated the bubble, so they should not be indulged. Anyone who claims to be able to do something great is suspect, and anyone who wants to change the world should be more humble. Small, incremental steps are the only safe path forward.” - Peter Thiel

I believe establishing a working relationship in the MetaCartel ecosystem would represent a small incremental advancement in the Diamond DAO journey.

Who are the MetaCartel?
MetaCartel’s mission is to accelerate the creation of Web 3 (through providing grants) with the belief that it will make the world a richer, fairer place. Read more about their values and mission here. Most importantly, and what I think aligns most with Diamond DAO, is that the MetaCartel’s is people oriented and community first.

From a work perspective, I believe the MetaCartel ecosystem (the MetaCartel and those that receive grants) is driving the most innovation within the Ethereum ecosystem.

A few months ago, @amphiboly.eth applied for a grant within MetaCartel (read) for consultations for Polis & MVP content development platform. To my understanding, the application more or less fell between the cracks and nothing occurred here.

Since then, I have had discussions with the MetaCartel about pushing this forward and communicated how Diamond DAO is seeking funding. Per discussions with the MetaCartel community it was suggested that we pitch Diamond DAO on the townhall and position as a research focused grant to provide insights to the MetaCartel ecosystem. I have since adjusted the original forum post to convey this message.

Why should we apply for the grant?
I believe establishing a working relationship and delivering value through our insights to the MetaCartel ecosystem will help Diamond DAO take an incremental step in going from zero to one.

Request for Feedback

Please leave comments with any feedback/concerns regarding applying for the research-focused grant.

Next Step’s

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We need to be more specific about what research we intend on conducting.

There’s two options: (i) we can offer to deep-dive on a community in the Metacartel ecosystem (i.e. Raid Guild), (ii) we can offer to do a deep dive (analysis, interviews, etc) on a topic of interest to the Metacartel ecosystem (i.e. compensation or gender). @steffbrowne would likely be able to get some folks in our constellation involved for the latter, and potentially get more grant support from the likes of MGD>

I would lean towards the latter (less risky) but open to suggestions by others.

It’s also easier to justify use of funds for the latter; we are paying for the time of the researchers.

Two approaches to take:

  1. Analysis of Metacartel using on-chain data that we’re pulling in for Chainverse
  2. Qualitative off-chain research on community health within Metacartel

The first I have some work to show on this, and so far have gotten positive feedback on network analysis of voting cohorts. With the grant we can continue this work and use the funds for a bounty for design/visualization of a report. Option 1 will help showcase some of the features of Chainverse MVP.

Option 2 will require more of Metacartel’s time, and our time, to schedule the interviews and conduct the research. However, if MC is interested in this qualitative understanding of their org then this is valuable too.

I will follow up in the DIscord with some charts and work on Option 1, and we can discuss which option we want to pitch.

Overall the most important thing is that Metacartel sees our work and believes we can deliver value to their DAO.

Great points @lemp.eth

I like the idea of going with option 1. I think we should 100% showcase Chainverse. As mentioned, a qualitative understanding of the org. would take away more time from MetaCartel. I also believe it would be a larger drain on our resources.