Reimbursement - Santa Fe Co-working


I spent last Thursday through Sunday co-working with @lemp.eth in Santa Fe. We needed to spend some in-person time together because (a) we’ve never met in person, (b) we needed to jam in person (with a whiteboard) on the MVP back-end and post-MVP product strategy. It was very productive!


We don’t have a travel reimbursement policy yet. I would like to establish a norm of requesting (a) up to $500 for airfare (b) up to $150 a night for lodging, with a maximum of 4 nights.

This policy caps the max spend on an individual trip while allowing contributors to spend more if they wish (they just have to cover it themselves).

If someone has a legitimate trip to expense, can’t find a way to drive costs down below the caps, and can’t afford the delta, I think we should consider more subsidization on a case by case basis.

Reimbursement request

For my trip, I will request $500 for airfare (which was $590) and $450 for three nights of lodging (which was ~$600).

Next Steps on Travel/Reimbursements

  • Create travel budget for 2022; priority = ETH Denver, MCON and group co-working (stay tuned)
  • Communicate that all Diamond DAO members (not just team members) can request reimbursement for (legitimate) Diamond DAO expenses