Everdearest MolochDAO Members,

May your goblet overflow with the blood of Moloch.

MolochDAO is a grant awarding DAO, but grants don’t process themselves. ReallyBoringGuild was founded to facilitate DAO operations, specifically in service to grant funding.

Over the past months, ReallyBoringGuild has completed larger tasks, such as a website overhaul, a comprehensive annual report and has engaged in interDAO relations, along with facilitating multiple successful grant rounds. While we are pleased with the success of these initiatives, this grant proposal is lean, only including the baseline operation costs to facilitate successful grant rounds, while still including marketing content to attract grant applications and community engagement so the grant process runs as smoothly as possible.

We have factored in a public goods discount. At these prices, it’s difficult to retain contributors, but we’ll do our best.

The pricing has been separated by task, as opposed to hourly rate. This will allow us to create a bounty board, so that people who are interested in helping with MolochDAO grants have an opportunity to do so. It also allows for less commitment from contributors who want to help out, but are struggling to find the time to do so.

We are asking for a grant that will cover this grant round cycle, April - July, 2022. The total ask is $6,000. Please refer to the cost breakdown and we look forward to your feedback.

Yours in Coordination,


Project Title: ReallyBoringGuild

Description: Grant Process Operations

Manifesto/Vision: Stellarmagnet wrote something lovely here.

Problem: Successful grant rounds require operation efforts.

Solution: ReallyBoringGuild completes the grant operation tasks.

Product Features: demonic flavor text and sarcasm

Validation: Well, I got this mug. Oh wait, my mom gave it to me.

Progress: Grant Proposal Discussion and Grant Proposals On Chain

Differentiation (from other projects): MetaCartel throws a party. Gitcoin enjoys fanfare. EF wears white gloves. ReallyBoringGuild has vitamin D deficiency.

Team: BorrowLucid and the cellar creatures

Grant Request $6,000

What the Funds Are For: see this spreadsheet

Help Requested: Grant funding discernment and MolochDAO treasury management participation…please

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio: Some things we did are website overhaul, 2021 Annual Report, MolochDAO blog, MolochDAO Twitter and Discord, MolochDAO handbook updates and an unpublished invitation.

Seems pretty well thought out and reasonable to me.

Please remind me - are there are any other RBG grants currently in progress/incomplete?

I believe, the most recent RBG grant was completed at the end of March.

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RBG operations budget = no brainer

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