Raid Guild Consultation Notes

Brandon has a personal interest in datasets for DAOs


  • Interested in offchain
  • #followup “some Discord person who expressed interest in DAOs.”
  • ? Has heard that there is a “team or two working on these issues.”
  • ? Concerned about lack of focus


  • Need a platform to govern creation of the dataset
  • What are your plans?
  • ** people love the people section of Deep DAO


  • They have a large and unusual influx of data scientists and other data people
  • They will look for someone a little more technical to determine what Christian requires on mentorship & workforce support
  • We need to get back to them on scope of (i) mentorship and (ii) labor support


  • Generally do want to work with projects they’re interested in and that add value to the ecosystem


  • First read unclear, specific application of the dataset helped it click.
  • Building and collaborating on datasets is nebulous and broad.
  • Visual aids would be helpful
  • Bring up the sort of use cases that we would want to support

Do outs

  • @lemp.eth put together technical things we need help on
  • @lemp.eth @amphiboly.eth scope out technical assistance / professional services needed
  • Low fidelity mock-ups for UI

also need to take another pass at platform functionality/user stories, figure out who is building marketplace v. content development platform, etc.