Rage comics memes DAO , NFT

Rage Comics are much more like comic cartoon faces, they are a special type of meme, a combination of drawings usually characters and props which are accompanied by a text in the description of each rage comic meme character, either representing what a character is saying or describing what is going on in the picture.
As part of Rage Comics fandom and the Memes community, We believes that Rage Comics are the original memes OG , the absolute funniest on the Internet and according to us, they should always be available online.
To build a decentralized community that monetize decentralized memes, we developed Rage Comics NFT as a iconic Rage Comics decentralized meme NFT collection stored on Polygon Matic decentralized network to trade for fun,

Roge Comics NFT Collection available on https://opensea.io/collection/ragecomics

By holding Rage Comics NFT, a stake feature will be enabled to hold $RGC token that deployed on Binance Smart Chain as BEP20 token and launched on ASTROSPACES decentralized launchpad, and with that $RGC holders will be rewarded with the decentralized $SPACE tokens as launchpad part and by there, we maintain developing a decentralized community as Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

More tokenomics details available on

In effort to maintain decentralization, once organization launched by community , we launch a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DaO) where we decide future events by decentralized community, which involve sharing feedback, proposals and voting on polls.
we would like to know the feedback about if Rage comics are the original memes ? and is it fair to build a decentralized community that trade for fun ?