Qualitative research bounties


  • Treasury address / addresses
  • Legal entity
  • Sector
  • Membership barriers
    • cost
  • Proposal barriers
    • cost
    • technical aptitude
  • Date launched
  • Narrative description (include products)
  • Website
  • Forum
  • Discord
  • Twitter


  • All DAOs on Snapshot w/5,000+ in assets
  • All DAOs on DAOhaus w/5,000+ in assets
  • All DAOs on DAOstack w/5,000+ in assets
  • All DAOs on Aragon w/5,000+ in assets

~ 1500-2,000 DAOs.


  • How many per DAO researched?

Data Entry

  • Google Sheets or Airtable?
  • Pre-set options
  • Field for source
  • Encourage to screenshot and file upload as well

Strongly suggest we have 3 filled examples that serve as quality bar.

on price: how long does filling one take?

  • google sheets (more people can use it) and can upload to airtable later

Yes; I am going to do that. Also going to write an FAQs / provide a list of relevant resources.

On pricing, I think it’s going to depend on how resourceful they are and how quickly they can skim information. It takes me between 5-15 minutes, depending on the DAO.

Sounds good on Google Sheets.

And welcome to the forum!

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Going to reevaluate this given interest by two organizations in purchasing DAO reference data from us.