Prospectors - PACMAN DAO outreach

Read about PACMAN, a nascent on-chain PAC, here:

The goal of PACMAN DAO is to prove we can convert crypto wealth into issue-based activism,” Gerrit explained.

Plans are all very nascent right now but the current thinking is that PACMAN DAO will issue NFTs that will represent members of the U.S. Congress, and these NFTs will also serve as the governance tokens in the DAO. These NFTs will double as way for crypto’s supporters to quickly check which legislators are on the industry’s side, and which aren’t.

Later, they may issue other specific NFTs around particular issue campaigns. For example, they might issue an NFT to raise money to run an ad campaign against a piece of legislation. The advantage of NFTs is they allow members to prove they’ve been active, potentially gamifying political action.

“I think the thing that excites me most is this idea that we could probably raise funds into smart wallets that the DAO could unlock with certain objective criteria,” Gerrit said. So donations to a fund could support a legislator if they vote with crypto or, just as easily, support a challenger if they vote again

Joined Discord

Learned more about data roadmap

I think this could be a very strategic project for us to contribute to.

First, in the planning/initial data collection stages. Later, they could use the content development platform to maintain the dataset that backs their scorecard.