Prospectors/Jewelers/Miners: DXdao proposal

Before Diamond DAO, I was a part-time contributor to DXdao. I focused on compliance but also tried to help with analyzing their prediction markets. The prediction markets analysis was a pain so I wrangled @ro4438 and paid him (out of my contract) to wrap up the analytics.

The analytics were very well received. I received feedback that DXdao would be interested in additional analytics on other prediction markets (i.e. Augur, other protocols using Gnosis Conditional Tokens Framework) as well as a web app that would enable users to track metrics related to Omen as well as the performance of their prediction market participation.

My supervisor (as it were) at DXdao is also very interested in adopting data-driven reforms to DXdao governance. I raised the possibility of @lemp.eth helping develop metrics and recommendations and she was excited.

She said I could run by a proposal for the above.

So this is what I’m thinking; we use this as an opportunity to raise funds and finance the marketplace front-end.

Three streams of work here:

Marketplace front-end (@amphiboly.eth, @adilmajid.eth, @ro4438 & Subtractive folks)

  • Display tabular data & metrics related to Omen and other prediction markets
  • Enable user to enter their wallet address/es and view performance across prediction markets.

Governance insights: (@amphiboly.eth, @lemp.eth, others as needed

  • Come up with data-driven recommendations for achieving goals of DXdao governance 2.0 framework

Compliance work: @amphiboly.eth, @ro4438

  • Much of the work here is qualitative, possible we need to do some analysis.

We would also give DXdao access to the DAO & Prediction Markets topics of Chainverse, when they become available, in perpetuity.


  • Chainverse access: $2,500
  • Prediction market analytics dashboard: $20,000
  • Compliance & Governance insights and professional services: $5,000

Total: $27,500

What do we think about this? Too high? Too low? Roughly how long do we think this would take? 2-3 months?