Prospectors / Jewelers | Conversation with Subtractive



  • White label software for Long Neck Ladies
  • Each Long Neck Lady will be matched with a fellow
  • Using the generative software from Muttniks
  • Working with Brian Tsao, did Genesis.json, first living breathing NFT Arweave, Grammy-nominated composer, working on cryptography
  • Partnered with Kyle
  • Forming a company with Kyle focused on NFT/defi


  • Kyle and I like to come up with some sort of software aspect to the NFT creation.
  • Gio codes in Solidity, has good understanding of NFTs in solidity, understands a bit of ERC-20 token coding
  • To be involved
  • Thinks the idea is cool
  • Wants to move beyond DAOs, DeFi, etc
  • Mostly going to be about the Web3 integration; the main focus would be the Web3
  • Only does partnership
  • Wants to help build out this marketplace, add more contracts, help continuously improve